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100% Successful 2 Ways to Hide Apps on Xiaomi Phones

Mobile phones are now an important device in our lives, not only for communicating but also for cashless payments and become very private for other people to use. For that we need to know how to hide important applications on our cellphones.

One of them, we will discuss how to hide applications on Xiaomi cellphones, if you are a user of this Chinese cellphone, you can follow the method that we will describe as follows.

How to hide apps on Xiaomi phones with App Lock

How to hide the first Xiaomi application using the default application from the cellphone called App Lock.

  1. Go to Xiaomi HP settings
  2. Then look for the App Lock menu
  3. After that it will be taken to a new page, click the settings gear logo at the top right
  4. Look for hidden Application Options, please activate it
  5. After that select the option to find hidden apps, you will see a list of applications installed on your cellphone, and check the applications you want to hide.
  6. After that close and click OK.

In addition to the methods that we described above, you can also use other methods such as the following.

Open After > in the search field type “App Lock”. Or you can go through the security application on the Home Screen > open > select Application lock.

This method can be used by all types of Xiaomi cellphones that are already running the latest MIUI, so to try it, please look for the app lock on your Xiaomi cellphone.

How to hide apps on Xiaomi cellphones Using the App Hider App

App Hider

But if it turns out that your Xiaomi cellphone does not have a default application to hide applications, you can install an application called APP Hider. See below for the steps.

  • Download and Install App Hider Here or download via Google Play
  • Once installed, open the application and wait for the loading process
  • Click Add App
  • Select the Apps you want to hide
  • then tap and hold the app you want to hide and slide it to the create shortcuts menu so the app will appear in the main menu

How App Hider Works

This app will hide the apps you want to get rid of and create a shortcut to display them. This application on the Google PlayStore has been downloaded by more than 10 million people with a 4.2 star rating. If you’re curious, please try it yourself.

The final word

This is how to hide apps on Xiaomi phones that we said we tried. Of course, my friend, choose the number one method first, if the default application doesn’t exist, then you can try method number 2. Good luck.

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