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100% Success! How to Limit IndiHome Wifi Users

Still about the IndiHome wifi world, in yesterday’s article we discussed how to change the IndiHome Wifi password and how to speed up the IndiHome wifi internet connection. This time we will discuss How to limit IndiHome Wifi users.

Slow wifi does make you uncomfortable, and it really interferes with surfing the internet, one of which is when you’re doing work. Even though when checked, the Wifi internet network is high, and also has not reached the FUP limit. But when you find out the cause of the slow Wifi, it turns out that many devices are connected.

Indeed, this is a problem for Wifi users in general. Why can it be slow because many are connected? Because the internet speed will be shared, especially if several devices are accessing something with high intensity, such as watching videos, or downloading large files, then some devices will not get the maximum speed.

The slow wifi problem because there are many connected devices is easy to overcome, one of them is by limiting the IndiHome Wifi. Is it possible? Obviously, IndiHome itself has a device restriction feature. Apart from that, you can also use the application. Well, here’s the answer below.

How to Restrict Connected IndiHome Wifi Users?

Here we will provide 3 ways to limit wifi users. You can use one of these three methods. Here’s the review:

Using Modem Features

Maybe many do not know that there is a feature of limiting devices connected to the modem. This feature is quite widely used by people. If you are curious, here are the steps:

  • First, please open the browser on your laptop or PC.
  • If so, please write down the IP of the IndiHome admin dashboard on the url tab in the browser
  • Please, my friend, to login with the admin account username and password. However, if my friend is confused or forgotten and has never changed the admin username and password at all, my friend can see the username and password on the modem (usually on the bottom side of the modem)
how to limit IndiHome wifi users
  • If you have successfully entered, my friend can select the menu “Networks”
how to limit IndiHome wifi users
  • Then select the option SSID Settings
  • Here you can see, there are 4 SSID columns with 32 numbers each. This number means the maximum limit of devices that can connect to your wifi.
  • So, please fill in the maximum limit according to your wishes. for example want to fill 5 or 10 or 15, just adjust.
  • If so, my friend can click the “Submit” to confirm changes to device max limit.
  • Finished!

A little additional information, my friend can see there are columns SSID1, SSID2, SSID3, and SSID4. You can change only the SSID that you use, you don’t need all of them. If you are confused, in general, the SSID setting is defaultit is SSID1. So you can just choose SSID1.

Note: Here we use a Fiberhome modem. If you have a ZTE or Huawei type modem, it may be a little different in the appearance and naming of the menu.

Using the P2Pover App

Well, for some IndiHome users, on their modem there is no restriction feature like the first method. So as an alternative, you can use the help of the application. One of the applications is P2Pover. Now this application itself is an application that can be used to manage and limit the number of users or bandwidth on a wifi network.

Here’s how to use it:

  • First, please download the P2Pover application first. This application itself is available for both mobile and PC. Please download on the official website.
  • If so, you can install and run the application.
  • Then you will go to the main page. Here, just choose System Settings, it is meant to enter the settings page.
  • Choose an option Network Adapter, then buddy click OK.
  • Here you can click Menu Schedule Setting.
  • After that, friends, please click New then Select All, continue with click OK.
  • Now if you want to set the number of devices connected to the wifi network, you can directly select the option Control All.
  • Continue by clicking Start.
  • Here please click Apply Rule to Host Selected by right-clicking on one of the sections.
  • So, if you want to block devices connected to your wifi network, click here Drop.
  • After that select Host Selected.
  • Finally, you just have to choose which device you want to block.
  • Finished.

It’s very easy to open this P2Pover application to limit IndiHome wifi users? Please, friends, try it!

Using the NetCut App

Another application besides P2Pover is the NetCut application. We recommend you to use this. why? Because NetCut itself can be used to set the number of devices that can connect to our wifi network, as well as disconnect the connected devices. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Here’s how to operate:

  • First, please, my friend, to download the NetCut application on your PC or laptop.
  • Next, please open and run the NetCutNah application on the home page, immediately presented with a list of devices connected to your wifi.
  • Now here to start limiting the number of devices connected to wifi, my friend can slide to the left of the button scroll the blue part of the device you want to disconnect or block. Or you can also click on the device, then click decide.
  • Then the device will be disconnected from your wifi.
  • So if you want to immediately disconnect all connected devices, just click the option Cut Off All.
  • Then all connected devices including friends will be immediately disconnected.
  • Finished!.

No less easy is not it run? Please, friends, try it!

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The final word

Above is how to limit IndiHome wifi users. This way, you don’t have to worry about slow wifi because many devices are connected. Now you can freely limit and even block devices easily.

Is It Safe?

Answer: For the first method, we make sure it is safe, because the restriction feature is provided by IndiHome itself. So you don’t have to worry buddy. For how to use the application, we do not guarantee it. Why? because if you download it not from the official site, chances are that the application carries a virus or spy. Therefore, please download it on the official site!

Does this method work?

Answer: Of course, as long as you are in control of your wifi, it will probably work. Moreover, the first way, to enter the admin dashboard, you can only use your friend’s account.

My Modem Is Fiberhome Too, Why Is There No Restriction Option?

Answer: Indeed, some modems do not yet have this feature, so you can use an alternative method, namely using the help of an application. In fact, we think it’s better in the application.

My Wifi Still Slow, Even Though I Have Disconnected Other Devices. Why is that?

Answer: It is possible that your wifi has reached the FUP quota limit, therefore the internet speed will be reduced by a few percent. Or it could be because there is interference from the IndiHome network itself

How do I contact the IndiHome Call Center?

Answer: IndiHome’s own call center number is 147. To contact him, you should prepare a credit balance, you don’t need a lot, two thousand or five thousand are enough. The IndiHome call center is active 24 hours a day, and has a fairly fast response, so please contact me, even if it’s a holiday or night.

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