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100% Success! How to get a free cell phone

Buddy AndroidPhone! Have you ever imagined to get a cellphone for free without spending a dime? Now in this discussion, we will try to share how to get a free cellphone easily, all that is needed is an internet network connection, patience and prayer.

Nowadays, the price of HP is quite diverse and of course each type has a market segment category that determines who the cellphone will be sold to.

Well, if our ability to buy cellphones at a price of 2 million, of course we are not targets for cellphones that are sold at a price of 10 million, yes. It’s possible to buy it in installments, but don’t be too pushy, because regardless of the price of the cellphone, its main function remains the same, namely to communicate both conventionally and online.

What distinguishes expensive and cheap phones is the specs and the supporting technology they get. While the basic functions are already present on cheap phones too.

But if you want a cellphone at an expensive price, you can find another way by getting the cellphone for free! Here we will review it in full.

Get HP for Free on the Internet

On the Internet, apart from being a source of information, it can be used as a source of fortune and also to seek luck. If the source of fortune is many lines that can be used, including selling online.

As for the source of luck, you can take advantage of Giveaways or take quizzes held from various companies in the country through their social media pages.

How to Get a Free Cellphone on the Internet

Instead of wondering how to get a free cellphone on the Internet, here we discuss it in full so you can follow it.


Before doing the method, you must first know what a Giveaway is. Now Giveaway itself is a way that a company or a company’s marketing strategy does to get special attention from potential customers.

Giveaway itself means to give, so a company or individual gives a gift with special conditions and at no cost.

In today’s digital era, Giveaway has become a mandatory event for companies or even individuals to boost their fans or followers on their social media accounts.

Usually the items that will be used as giveaways are items that can be sent via delivery services such as mobile phones or even in the form of cash prizes.

So for those of you who want to get a free cellphone, you can enter a giveaway at a cellphone price.

How to Find Giveaway

If you are really interested in participating in the Giveaway with cellphone prizes, you must know how to find the organizer of the giveaway, now this is actually easy and difficult;

We recommend this method on two major social media, such as Youtube and Instagram. Because in these two social networks there are lots of people who share giveaways, even though on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, there are still many who do it.


To search for a Giveaway on Youtube, you have to open Youtube first and take advantage of the search feature there, search with the keyword Giveaway.

So that the results that come out are Giveaways that are new or that have not ended, use the filter feature in the search and change the upload date to this week. Usually the duration of the giveaway is long enough, it can be up to a week or even a month.


While searching for Giveaways on Instagram is a little easier but also more difficult because there is no search filter feature. On Instagram, you have to use the hashtag #Giveaway and the like or even more specifics like #GiveawayHP and see the latest posts for a week.

If you have got it, the next step is to enter the Giveaway.

Tips for Winning Giveaway

Everyone who enters the Giveaway of course wants to win and get the prize. Even though it’s hard because the number of followers is very large, but it doesn’t hurt to try it.

To further increase the chances of winning, make sure you follow the terms and conditions shared by the giveaway giveaway, usually everything is not far from liking, sharing, subscribing and following. So try everything, buddy, follow.

And to win the HP Giveaway, the most important thing is to pray, because everything must be based on a strong prayer.

Register in the Gift-Sharing App

In addition to the Giveaway, you can also use the next method to get a free cellphone, namely by following an application that offers prizes or you can register in a money-making application.

On the Google Playstore there are lots of applications that offer rewards by running various activities in it.

One application that you can try is Cashtree. This is an application in which prizes are always distributed, there are even HP gifts!

To use the Cashtree application, you should download it first at playstore for free.

After downloading and installing, you are required to register using an active phone number, then you only need to take part in each mission to get points which can later be exchanged for various prizes including cellphones.

To speed up getting points, use the referral feature, which is to suggest friends or relatives to download Cashtree and play it.

This feature will give you a special url link so that the one you invite is tracked that he is a referral from us.

Participate in Various Competitions

In addition to Giveaways and money-making applications, on the internet there are also many companies or individuals holding competitions, whether photo, video or even writing competitions.

Now, if you are in a competition, you will get different satisfaction, because in addition to getting prizes, you also know your own abilities with direct expectations from many people on the internet. But of course, take part in the competition according to your talent.

How to find competitions on the internet is also not difficult, you can follow the methods we have outlined such as how to search for Giveaways.

The final word

Tips on how to get a free cellphone on the internet is not too difficult, but this is indeed a matter of luck and fortune. Of course prayer and effort must be accompanied in order to get it.

And one more thing, for those of you who really want to get it, make sure you never give up and take part in many giveaways, so don’t just do one.

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