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100% Easy, How to Turn an Unused Tablet into a PC Monitor

If you are in need of an additional PC monitor to support productivity but are hindered by a limited financial budget, let’s try to take advantage of what’s available first. And here we will share information on how to turn your tablet or cellphone into a PC monitor so that it can become your second monitor.

How to Turn Tablets and Cellphones into PC Monitors with Deskreen

This time, we will use a software called Deskreen. Through the official website, we know that Deskreen is a free desktop application that allows any device including Tablet, HP and Laptop to mirror the entire display of PC devices to the above-mentioned devices via a web browser using WiFi or Lan services.

In addition, users can limit Deskreen to select only one application window view to display, and this is very useful when used for presentations.

And the main feature of Deskreen is that it turns any device including tablets, cellphones and even unused laptop screens into a second screen, to get a desktop PC experience with two screens.

But it should be underlined, to get a better desktop experience, users need to use the Dummy Display Plug. It is a device shaped like a USB flash drive, this device is plugged into a computer PC to make an external display connected.

Display Dummy Plugs can be purchased at online stores. You can search for them with the keyword “Virtual Display Plug”. Based on our observations through the Tokopedia page, this device is sold at a price of 44 thousand Rupiah, so it’s still quite cheap right?

If you are looking for the cheapest way to expand your PC screen display using a tablet or smartphone screen, of course using Deskreen is the best way you can do it.

How to Use Deskreen to Turn Tablets and Cellphones into PC Monitors

Without further ado, if you want to give it a try, here’s how to use the Deskreen software to make your tablet or cellphone the second screen of your PC.

1. Download the Deskreen Application on the official website Click here.
If you have downloaded it, do the installation as usual and after that run the application to see the QR Code to be scanned using a tablet or mobile phone, or you can also directly visit the IP address given as shown in the image below.

2. Once the connection is established, a pop-up will appear in the app on your PC confirming the IP address, as well as other information including session ID, device OS and more. Click allow to start your session.

3. The next stage, Deskreen will ask you to select the screen source you want to display, besides that there is an option to display the entire screen or only the application window.

4. If you want to share an application window, click Application Windows, then click the preview box for the next step.

5. But if you want to share the entire screen, please click Entire Screen. To use this feature you need to connect the Dummy Display Plug.

6. Next is to re-check all whether the settings are correct, if everything is ready, click confirm.

For details, Deskreen also shared a step by step video to configure the tablet to be the second screen of your PC, here is the video.

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The final word

The Deskreen application is here as a solution to easily use your old tablet, cellphone or laptop as a second screen. Hopefully how to turn a tablet or cellphone into a PC monitor can be useful for you.

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