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You Can Try, Here Are 4 New Small Capital Business Opportunities in 2021

You Can Try, Here Are 4 New Small Capital Business Opportunities in 2021

Pikipo – The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on the order of life around the world, including in the field of business or business.

How come? People’s activities are limited to only being at home, no students or teachers going to school, no office activities, shops being deserted, and so on.

Well, seeing the conditions due to the pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t get income.

There are still business opportunities in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic season, which are as follows.

4 New Small Capital Business Opportunities 2021

Due to the pandemic, many people have become unemployed because they have lost their jobs. However, if we are good at racking our brains and turning a weakness into an opportunity, then we can still earn additional income from the following 4 small capital business opportunities in 2021:

1. Tutor or tutor

The impact of Covid-19 requires students to study on their own without a tutor. Online learning is also less effective than face-to-face.

Parents also want their children to receive more guidance and supervision in learning activities, especially if the child’s parent is an office/factory worker who requires them to be on the job site.

So in conclusion, becoming a tutor or tutor is one of the right business opportunities to overcome these problems. In addition to getting money from teaching, we also certainly get a lot of rewards.

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2. Herbal Drink

The Covid-19 outbreak has made almost everyone want to maintain their immune system, especially adults and the elderly, so the need for herbal products has skyrocketed to meet the body’s immune needs.

We live in Indonesia, which is rich in spices as a source of immunity, such as ginger, temulawak and turmeric, this benefits us to sell immune products and processing spices to be used as immune-boosting drinks is not difficult.

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For this reason, the herbal beverage business is one of the promising business opportunities in 2021.

3. Beauty Products

There is no opportunity to go to the salon during this pandemic because our movements are limited, so it makes us lazy and hesitant to go out of the house.

The women also have more free time at home and usually they fill their spare time by taking care of themselves. Women prefer to take care of themselves at home, rather than going outside.

Well, selling beauty products can be a business opportunity for us. Similarly, we help those who want to take care of themselves without leaving the house. With this, selling beauty products online is the right business choice and without leaving the house.

4. Ornamental Plants

Doing activities only at home, who will not be bored?

To overcome this, many people decorate their homes with ornamental plants and make flower gardens in the yard.

Ornamental plants are very popular in almost all circles, whether it’s young children, parents and even recitation mothers, and it is often these mothers who often err on the beauty of ornamental plants. Therefore, the ornamental plant business is also very suitable to run in this pandemic season.

Those are 4 new small capital business opportunities that you can run in 2021. There are still many other business opportunities, but the 4 above are predicted to rise in 2021.

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