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Yazzy Apk, How to Create Fake Chat Like WhatsApp

JSMedia – Fake chat or fake messages are not always bad. Now many are using it as a joke or just fun. You can also use this method to prank your friends or it can also be called a prank.

Not only limited to words, making this fake chat can be in the form of stories or videos. Well, if you are looking for a fake chat application, Yazzy apk is the one that is highly recommended.

Here’s complete information about Yazzy. Starting from the advantages, apk links, how to install, and how to download. In addition, below will also explain whether this application is safe or not to use.

About Yazzy App

About Yazzy App

Yazzy is an app that can help you create fake conversations. Interestingly, Yazzy can not only be used to create fake WhatsApp chats, but also various other types of chat applications, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, KakaoTalk, and many more.

The results of the conversations made by this application look like the original. You can choose your own interlocutor, whether it’s a girlfriend, crush, artist, and anyone depending on what your goals are.

This application is very suitable to be used for prank purposes that are trending and are mostly done by young people. Your friends will surely be surprised by the fake messages you send.

Whatever the purpose of making fake chat, this application is still fun to use. Its use is also very easy. The tutorial will be explained here.

4 Features of Yazzy App

Yazzy App Features

The Yazzy application is not an ordinary fake chat application. The following is an explanation of the advantages of the application that not many other applications have. This is what makes Yazzy apk widely recommended as one of the best fake chat makers. Its advantages include:

1. Fake chat results that look like real

Whether or not the fake chat application is good can be seen from the chat display that is generated. Fake conversations created with Yazzy apk don’t look like fakes. The appearance is very original according to the selected application.

Yazzy Support app for creation of:

  • Telegram with emojis and Images
  • Instagram post
  • iPhone SMS with emoji support
  • Facebook status with comments and Likes
  • Google Search
  • Google translate
  • Ask.FM

2. Free

Users will not be charged a penny if they want to take advantage of this application. You can download it for free via the link attached below.

3. Can upload to many social media

In addition to using the application, you can also create fake Instagram posts and Facebook statuses with this application.

4. Making fake search engines and Google Translate

Another excellent feature of the Yazzy application is that it can create fake Google Search and Google Translate page views. Very complete isn’t it? Everything can be done in just one application.

Yazzy Application System Requirements

Before we download this application, it would be nice if we know the specifications in advance so that we can adjust to the specifications of our cellphones. The advantage of knowing the details of the application is that there will be no crashes during installation or use.

App NameYazzy
CategorySocial, Apps
File Size14.9 MB
Operating systemAndroid 4.1 and Up

Permissions Yazzy needs on Mobile:

  • Network Access: Display of advertisements during use and reporting system errors
  • Storage Access: Selection of avatar for profile and save image
  • Billing: remove ads via In-App Purchase

After knowing the features and advantages of the Yazzy application, we will discuss how to download the application as follows.

  • Download Yazzy Apk

We recommend downloading using a browser. Before clicking, press and hold the application. Then, select copy link. Next, open the Google search application and paste the link. Click Download to download the 15 MB Yazzy apk file.

How to Install the Yazzy Application

The application must be installed according to the following tutorial to reduce errors that may occur. Here’s how to install the Yazzy app.

  • First, make sure the file is downloaded well
  • Before installing, open phone settings
  • Then “enable install apps from unknown sources
  • Next click Install on the page that appears.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

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How to Create a Face Chat on the Yazzy App

The user interface of the Yazzy application looks quite simple and easy to understand. You can use it immediately after the application is installed on the device. Then what is the correct way to use Yazzy apk? Here are the steps for using the fake chat application using Yazzy.

  • Open the app Installed Yazzy. Then Decide on the “What Fake Chat Do You Want to Create?”
  • Next, if you want to use the Fake chat WhatsApp feature then select WhatsApp icon.
  • Use the application to the fullest and as needed.
  • After so, save and share to others via social media.
  • Before sharing, remove watermark to make it look more real.

Is Yazzy Application Security Guaranteed?

This application does not have cooperation with the applications mentioned above so that it can be said to be an illegal application whose security is not guaranteed. Therefore, stay alert because data leaks can occur without the user’s knowledge.

The final word

That was the information about the Yazzy application that can be used to prank friends. Apply how to use it and see how the recipient reacts to being pranked.


What is Yazzy Apk ?

Yazzy is an app that can help you create fake conversations. various types of other chat applications, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, etc

Is it really safe to use Yazzy Apk?

This application does not have cooperation with the applications mentioned above so that it can be said to be an illegal application whose security is not guaranteed

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