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Worried About Your Email? Here are 3 Ways to Delete Gmail on HP

JSMedia – Deleting a linked Gmail on your phone is often necessary. For example, when you buy a used cellphone while the Gmail address is still an old user. No need to worry, the following will be reviewed how to delete Gmail on cellphone which is easy to do.

The existence of a Gmail account is indeed important in a cellphone. Especially Android smartphones to do various customizations on the phone. Therefore, make sure that the Gmail account you use really belongs to you so that its use is easier.

3 Ways to Delete Gmail on Mobile

It does require a special trick to delete Gmail on HP. The reason, this menu option is often difficult to find. Even people who have held Android for a long time have not understood it.

Instead of being curious, consider several ways to delete a Gmail account on the following cellphone.

1. Delete Gmail via Factory Reset

1. Delete Gmail via Factory Reset

The first way to delete Gmail on a cellphone is to do a factory reset. What is a factory reset? So, the phone will return to factory settings like it just came out of the production process. Later, the various menus on your phone will return to the way they were first purchased.

However, keep in mind that this process will delete all data and installed apps of your phone. The Gmail account linked on the Android smartphone is no exception. For those who want to delete Gmail in this way, consider the following steps:

  • Please data backup important first (optional).
  • Next, select menu Arrangement on mobile.
  • Tap the Privacy option, then select Factory Data Reset.
  • A warning will appear that all data will be deleted when you select this option.
  • If you are sure, please confirm.
  • Wait until this process is complete, the phone will reboot by itself.

The option to return to factory settings can also be a solution to various system problems experienced by Android. Of course, if the obstacles experienced include mild. For example, when one of the features has decreased functionality, please do a factory reset as an initial repair effort.

2. Delete Gmail via Account Settings & Sync

2. Delete Gmail via Account Settings & Sync

This method can be chosen for those of you who want to add a backup account. So, later the account created is not the main account. If you want to make it your primary Gmail account, you can basically do this too.

Unfortunately, not all Android phones support this option. Usually the option to change the main account is available for Android Gingerbread users and above. The steps for deleting Gmail with this method are as follows:

  • Open the phone, then select menu
  • Tap menu option Accounts & Sync.
  • choose Google, then tap on the name of the Google account that you want to delete.
  • Next, select the option Delete Account. For some phones, it may not be immediately available to delete this option. So, you can first click the More option and then select Delete Account.
  • Done, the selected Google account is now deleted.

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3. Delete Gmail via App Settings

3. Delete Gmail via App Settings

The next method that can be done to change the Gmail account is the Application Settings menu. Here are the easy steps:

  • Open menu Arrangement on mobile.
  • Click the Applications menu option.
  • After that, tap Manage Apps.
  • Scroll until you meet the application options Google Apps.
  • Click Clear Data, then press
  • Restart
  • Next, open the Gmail app. Well, here you will be asked to enter a new Gmail account.

If you don’t find the Google Apps application option, you should pay attention to the Manage Applications menu. Usually the applications that are displayed are categorized by Downloaded (Downloaded), SD Card (on the SD Card), Running (Running), and All (All).

Therefore, select the All option so that every application on your phone is displayed. The Google Apps option is no exception. If it’s still not found, it means that this third method can’t be done. We recommend that you choose the two methods above that you can try.

How to delete Gmail on HP basically quite easy. If the phone you have is a used one, it’s best to choose the factory reset option instead. Thus, the condition of the phone will return to the default settings. This will make it easier for you to make customizations and other settings.

But if you don’t want the data to be deleted and it’s not possible to back up data, please choose how to delete Gmail with the application settings menu only.

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