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Why IG Filters Can't Be Saved? this is the answer

IG filter can’t be saved and used – IG filters are features in the Instagram application which are usually called Instagram stories. With this feature, users can freely upload photos or videos with cool and unique effects.

With the IG filter not only to make the video look cool on our instastory but also to add insight into video editing on Instagram.

In recent days, many IG users have asked why the filter can’t be saved? This is very unfortunate, because many users are eager to use the filter to create IG stories.

Usually in order to use the filter we first save the filter, but unfortunately some users complain that the video cannot be saved. This certainly makes Instagram users feel disappointed and eager to know how to deal with filters that cannot be saved.

With so many complaints, through this article I provide information on how to overcome them below. Read the article until it’s finished.

How to Overcome the IG Filter Cannot be Saved

Before knowing how to solve the ig filter that can’t be saved, it would be nice to know what the cause is. The main cause of the filter not being able to be used is that the Instagram application on Android devices is usually still using the old version and has not been updated or updated to the latest version.

The only way that can overcome the IG filter that cannot be saved is by updating the Instagram application to the latest version as well as diligently cleaning storage space and no less important is clearing the remaining cache that is still there.

That’s the discussion about ig filters that can’t be saved and used. Please try and good luck.

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