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Who is Maxime FF's Sister? This is the Right Answer!

JSMedia – Free Fire is not an ordinary game, but it is like the lifestyle of young people in the current era. Everyone from all walks of life seems to be familiar with FF games. Even elementary school children know this mobile battle royal game.

One of the attractions of this game is, because of the characters in it. There are lots of cool and unique characters that are presented in this game. Maxime FF is one of the many characters that are a favorite of players.

Lately, his name is often discussed because many of the players are asking questions who is Maxime FF’s brother. Read on for more information.

Who is Maxime FF?

Who is Maxime FF?

The picture of the boy on the cover is Maxime. He is a unique character in the game who is known to like to eat mushrooms. Not only that, he is also known to have a habit of using a set of medical kits.

This handsome man comes from a simple family. Both of his parents own a farm so they often eat healthy food. From there a healthy and strong body is formed.

Told that he likes a girl in FF named Kelly. This feeling started when he was in high school. But his feelings are not reciprocated because the woman only sees Maxime as a friend.

Who is Maxime FF’s Sister?

Who is Maxime FF's Sister?

Because of the many characters, sometimes there are characters that are missed or we don’t know which ones have relationships with other characters.

Not only one, but there are many characters who have a relationship with one another. Maxim is one of them. It turns out that he has a sister that many players don’t know about.

It is known that Maxime has a sister in the game Free Fire whose name is Misha. She is a female character that is often used by players. Maybe you’ve also used it just didn’t know that he was Maxime’s brother.

Misha is no less cool than Maxime. He has the ability to drive a car very cool. No wonder many players use it in battle.

In addition, he turns out to be a friend of Kelly, the woman Maxime likes. Surprising isn’t it?

Why the Question Who is Maxime FF’s Sister Viral?

This question appeared in the Anniversary Quiz so it became the most searched keyword recently.

The Anniversary Quiz that went viral with the keyword ‘Maxime’s sister’ is an event in the Free Fire game. This event was created to celebrate FF’s fourth birthday. In welcoming the event, Garena gave 5 questions a day that the players had to answer.

One of the questions referred to Maxime’s sister. From here the popularity of Maxime and his brother began to rise.

There are four answers provided when this question arises as follows.

  1. Caroline
  2. Xayne
  3. Misha
  4. Kelly

The correct answer to answer who Maxime’s sister is C. Misha.

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Another Collection of Anniversary Quiz Questions

In addition to questions related to Maxime, there are several other questions that arise in this Anniversary Quiz.

These questions can be related to skins, DJs, pets, and things about Free Fire as follows.

  1. “Who are the DJs collaborating with Free Fire?”;
  2. “What pet did the players use the most in the past year?”;
  3. etc.

Players who always pay attention to every game description will find it easy to find the answer. If you manage to answer correctly, you will get a cute Panda pet party skin from Free Fire. Let’s Hurry Claim FF September redeem code Right now before it expires 100% Works.

So that was the information regarding the answer to the question “who is Maxime FF’s sister” in the Anniversary Quiz.

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