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When will Inazuma Genshin Impact be released? Let's check the news here

When will Inazuma Genshin Impact be released?  Let's check the news here

Inazuma Genshin Impact – The release date for Inazuma, one of the seven regions of Teyvat, is the most eagerly awaited piece of information for Genshin Impact fans. We’ve created all the specific clues so far that can help us pinpoint the launch date of Inazuma, as far as all the main narrative, legends, and character components that have been revealed in Genshin Impact so far.

See if this side contains spoilers if you haven’t completed all the main story searches in Genshin Impact as of March 2021.

Is that Inazuma?

Inazuma is from 7 Teyvat area, and Electro area. Just like how Mondstadt is based on mid-western Europe, and Liyue is based on China, Inazuma will be based on Japan. This would be an island region that was somewhere east of Liyue Pier on the world map. Narrative specifically wise, Inazuma is now the next Traveler’s direction, and Set II of Teyvat’s narrative.

In the past, miHoYo provided areas and upcoming story chapters in Genshin Impact:

  • ACT Prologue: Outlander who catches the wind. Region: Mondstadt (Anemo / wind component). Favorite character: Diluc
  • Goodbye, Archaic Lord. Region: Liyue (Geo/Earth component). Favorite character: Ningguang
  • Set II: Omnipotence Over Man. Region: Inazuma (Electrical/lightning Component) Favorite Character: Ayaka Kamisato
  • Set III: Truth Among the Pages of the Puranas. Region: Sumeru (Dendro / wood component) Favorite character: Cyno
  • Set IV: Disguising guilt. Region: Fontaine (Hydro/water component) Favorite characters: Lyney and Lynette
  • Set V: Incandescent Ode of Resurrection. Region: Natlan (Pyro / component of fire) Favorite character: Iansan
  • Set VI: Merciless Everwinter. Region: Snezhnaya (Cryo / ice component) Favorite character: Harbinger Pulcinella
  • Act ?: Unwanted Dreams. Region: Khaen’riah (no components recorded). Favorite character: Bough Keeper Dainsleif

Inazuma Genshin Impact Release Date

First, it’s important to note that MiHoYo hasn’t released a launch date for Inazuma yet. However, chances are we will hear about the predicted launch date soon. Also read: Easy Ways to Level Up in the Genshin Impact Game

Back when Genshin Impact was launched, miHoYo issued a roadmap for improvements, up to Ver 1.3. In other words, we knew from the start that Dragonspine would be added in 1.2. And if the Lantern Festival is about to arrive at 1.3, the one that most requires the Xiao banner, for example.

However, since the launch of 1.3, miHoYo has not released a new roadmap for future improvements. This means we can hear about Inazuma and its launch soon. After miHoYo chose to issue a new roadmap.

What’s more now, Genshin Impact is in Ver 1.4, launched on March 17th. It’s too early to say for sure, and we only have leaks to see, but it’s absolutely impossible for Inazuma to be added in 1.5. During this time, game improvements occur every six weeks. Assuming the agenda remains the same, that means we will wait until June 9, 2021, at the earliest, for Inazuma to be released.

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