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When will FF OB30 Advance Server Open? Date and How to Register

JSMedia – Currently, the FF live server has reached OB29 patches. And of course in the near future will update the OB30 patch. So what content and features will be present in the upcoming update?

To find out, of course we have to check through the Free Fire Advance Server. But surely you also know that Advance Server FF is limited and not everyone can access it. Only those who have an activation code and are selected can enter the advance server.

But there is good news that you must know that registration advance server OB30 will open soon, when? Of course, many of you are immediately curious and want to quickly register to become a beta tester there.

Advance Server Free Fire OB30

How to Register an FF OB30 Advance Server Account

Maybe some don’t know that advance server FF is a dedicated server created to test new content and features that will be coming to the Free Fire later. Before being released to the live server, the FF update will first be entered into the advance server.

To then be tried by a few selected players who will then provide feedback. The results of the feedback will be input for Garena to fix bugs or errors in its newest features.

And as we already know that access to the FF advance server is limited. Unlike live servers where we are free to register and create accounts, advance servers are very limited and available for a certain time only.

When is OB30 Advance Server Registration Open?

How to Register an FF OB30 Advance Server Account

So, are you curious and want to be one of the beta testers of content on the Advance Server? Then this is the right time, because in the near future the FF advance server will open a new account registration.

So this is an opportunity for you to get access to new features that will be released on Free Fire. Then when is Advance Server account registration FF OB30 will be unlocked?

According to the information on the website, you can create an OB30 advance server account starting from September 09, 2021. This is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Because the registration time is limited and will close on September 16, 2021.

How to Register an FF OB30 Advance Server Account

For those of you who are interested and want to have an advanced free fire server account, Jakarta Studio will share the tutorial. Here’s how to register an FF OB 30 advance server account:

1. First you enter the site Free Fire Advance Server.
2. Next click options Login Facebook to sign up.
3. Go ahead register using a FB account.
4. Then fill in the required data and click Join Now.
5. Then the registration process FF advance server account have been done.
6. Next step stay waiting for request processed.
7. If you are selected, you will get a notification via e-mail.

How to Get OB30 Activation Code

How to Register an FF OB30 Advance Server Account

Well, maybe some of you have downloaded the Free Fire Advance Server APK and are trying to login. But when you want to enter, you will definitely be asked activation code, where can we get it?

As previously mentioned, access to the advance server is very limited. Only selected and lucky players can access it. And to enter you will need an activation code.

The activation code will be different for each user. And to get it, you have to register for an FF advance server account as Jakarta Studio has discussed above. If you are lucky and selected, you will get a notification along with an activation code.

Now, all you have to do is download the Free Fire Advance Server APK application. Then install it on your respective devices. The last step is to open the app and enter the activation code that you got.


Now that’s a complete explanation of when the FF OB30 advance server will be opened. Save the date and don’t miss it because this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. If you are lucky, you can get access to the latest leaked content and features on Free Fire.


What is Advance Server FF?

advance server FF is a special server created to test new content and features that will be present in Free Fire later.

When is the OB30 Advance Server Opened?

Starting from 09 September 2021

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