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Whatsapp update policy, Elon Musk suggests using Signal

Signal messages

Recently, the popular messaging application WhatsApp just issued a new requirement regarding its privacy policy for users. As a result, other instant messaging applications like Telegram and Signal see a sudden surge in users.

WhatsApp, which currently uses Signal encryption technology, decided to change its policy on Wednesday (January 6th) by forcing its users to share data with Facebook. If they do not agree with the policy, users must delete their account. Users have until February 8, 2021 to consider whether they will accept this new data protection rule. It also collects data including phone numbers, users ‘locations, and even users’ smartphone specifications.

Is the content of Whatsapp messages also retrieved?

Are the contents of messages on Whatsapp also taken along? and what data does Facebook take? Don’t worry, Facebook won’t get user data that far, but other information is pretty detailed. For example, how and when you send messages, the phone number you are currently using, the number of groups you have, what time you are frequently online on WhatsApp and much more.

According to reports from Reuters on Saturday (September 9th), several data protection activists on Twitter asked questions about Facebook’s move to “accept data collection or unsubscribe” and advised current WhatsApp users to switch to other messaging apps such as Telegram and Signal.

Of course, this is a big question for many, including some privacy activists who grappled with Facebook’s arrogant “accept privacy data collection or opt-out” on Twitter and advising users to switch to other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. In addition, Facebook has been hit by a weird problem related to the sale of its user data

Elon Musk suggests netizens switch to Signal

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, recently advised internet users to use the Signal messaging app. Elon recommends the application because it is supposedly more secure and protects user privacy.

Some time ago Elon created a tweet on his personal Twitter account. He tweeted “Use Signal” after a recent update made the WhatsApp policy change widely known.

Not only Elon, previously in November 2021 the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden advertised the application. So, so you know, Signal itself is an instant messaging application that offers a wide variety of features similar to WhatsApp.

Learn more about signal applications

Like WhatsApp, Signal is a free and encrypted messaging app. Signal’s user interface is also very similar to WhatsApp.

This is natural as this application was developed by the same people who made WhatsApp. Signal was developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. Signal was developed by Brian Acton in 2021 after leaving Facebook.

What sets Signal apart from WhatsApp is that Signal is designed with a self-help model in mind so that users can become donors to the Signal Foundation, which has a vision and mission to develop a communication service that prioritizes the privacy of its users.

This instant messaging application is available to mobile users on Android, iOS and desktop basis by downloading it from the Appstore, Playstore and the Signal official website.

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