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What is Moss Ransomware and How to Get Rid of It?

JSMedia – If you listen to technology groups, there are quite a lot of discussions about MOSS malware or MOSS ransomware. Where the characteristics of this one virus is to encrypt the data of its victims.

Moss malware here is different from the term Moss which is often used in the esports world. To prevent misunderstandings, what is meant here is a new ransomware called Moss, not the Moss program commonly used as an anti-cheat in the esports world.

Now for more details, Jakarta Studio will discuss further about this ransomware variant. Because you must also know how to deal with it if one day you become one of the victims.

What is MOSS Malware?

What is MOSS Ransomware

This is a ransomware virus that will encrypt the data of infected victims. The perpetrators will ask for a ransom if the victims want their data to be used again.

If the victim does not immediately pay according to the perpetrator’s request, the data will be permanently deleted, aka cannot be restored. This of course will be very dangerous if our computer contains important data.

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Is This MOSS Malware Dangerous?

What is MOSS Ransomware

Before the emergence of MOSS, we have also encountered various other ransomware variants. Call it like Wannacry, Cerber, Jigsaw, Cryptowall, Bad Rabbit. And like the ransomware, MOSS is also a dangerous piece of malware that should not be underestimated.

This ransomware will encrypt the data of its victims until it can no longer be used. The data will be used as a hostage so that the victim is willing to pay a ransom for the description key to return the data to normal again.

Usually the ransom amount demanded is 500 to 5000 USD. If the victim cannot pay until the specified time limit, then their data will be permanently deleted without being able to be returned again.

How Does MOSS Infect Devices?

What is MOSS Ransomware

Each type of virus and malware has its own way of entering and infecting your device. And usually the ways are almost similar to each other. However, there are still many ordinary users who are careless and eventually become victims.

Here are some ways MOSS Malware can enter and infect our computer devices:

  • Pirated Apps

Pirated software has become an open secret on the internet. Lots of people like to download pirated apps because it’s free and there’s no need to pay. But this can actually be dangerous for our devices, you know.

Because downloading software from third parties has the risk of being infiltrated by malicious programs by irresponsible parties. If the app is installed to our device, then the virus or malware that may be in it is definitely infected.

  • Unclear Free App

Apart from that, there are also many people who distribute software for free. Although it is freeware, we must also remain vigilant. Because there is no guarantee that the software is safe from any malicious programs that may be inserted.

  • Comes Installed With Other Software.

There are also cases where this ransomware infects due to a random installation process by other software. The perpetrators are always looking for loopholes to be able to enter the malware into our devices.

  • Via Email

Not infrequently we are also infected after receiving an email from someone. Usually in the email will be given a link / link. Now if we click on the link, there is a risk that it is a trap from the perpetrators to infect our devices with ransomware.

  • Viruses on Pirated Sites

Another method that is often used by perpetrators is to embed viruses on pirated sites. For example, websites to download movies, anime, software or other pirated files. There is a possibility that when you download from there, malicious programs are also downloaded.

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How to Overcome Moss Malware

What is MOSS RansomwareThen how to overcome this MOSS malware threat? For those of you computer users, it is always recommended to install antivirus/security software. Because it can protect our devices from various dangerous malware threats.

Some antiviruses are already quite popular and reliable such as Avaast, Bitdefender, Norton, Malwarebyes and many others. The software can protect the device if there are programs that are indicated to be dangerous.

But what if we are already infected with this MOSS malware? Of course we will not be able to use the software. Then we need a description file to restore data that has been encrypted by this ransomware.

There are only 2 ways to get this description key, first by paying the culprit and secondly waiting for someone to successfully generate a description key and share it for free.


So that’s the full discussion about the MOSS ransomware malware that’s been busy lately. Make sure you always install protection on your device by using reliable antivirus software. In order to prevent malicious programs from easily infecting our computers. Hopefully the above tips and tricks can be useful.

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