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What is GB in the world of online games

What is UK in the world of online gaming?

GB stands for Game Boosting in the Online Gaming World, which means it is a way to quickly and unusually increase your Rank, XP, Level, or online game account stats, also known as a cheat.

Game boosting is often done by UK game account service providers, or commonly referred to as “jockeys”. You can pay an agreed amount of money, then the jockey will start with GB on your account. Even easier, you can buy a GB account with a good level or rank previously created by GB service providers.

Also, you can make GB by playing with friends who are higher rank or level, you can ask them to create a new account, and you can make GB by playing together.

The practice of game boosting is generally considered illegal by most online game developers. Because if you do Game Boosting and you have an account with a level, a rank or a higher statistic than your original skill, the matchmaking system in the game breaks down.

What is UK in the world of online gaming?

The matchmaking system usually brings together players who have a balanced ability to play in a match. Well if you hire a jockey, for example, to take care of GB on your account, the matchmaking will of course be unbalanced. The opponent whose account you are facing is sure to have a tough time as your account is being played by a jockey. Conversely, if your account is of a high rank or level earlier due to the work of the jockey and you are trying to play with your own skills, you will of course have trouble because the opponents you meet are more difficult now.

In addition to increasing the level or rank, this game boosting practice is often done to increase the win rate, kill rate, and various other ratios in the game to make it look better.

Examples of game boosting practices can be found in almost all online games that use a ranking system, such as: There is also GB currency in the game.

If you can play games without Game Boosting, Game recommends not using Game Boosting. Game boosting not only harms matchmaking, it also makes the game unfair and harms the online game provider.

Now that you know what GB is, don’t forget to leave a comment and if there are other terms in the game world that you don’t know please ask in the comments column! XD

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