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What is Free Fire No Signal Zone? You Must Know!

JSMedia – Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale genre games in Indonesia. This is not without reason, but FF has some uniqueness in its gameplay when compared to other battle royales.

One of them is feature No Signal Zone in Free Fire. Have you ever heard of it? This is one of the unique features of FF and rarely found in other battle royale games.

What is FF No Signal Zone?

What is FF No Signal Zone?

Maybe there are still many who don’t know what is the no signal free fire zone. Simply put, this is a special area that we can find on the FF map. Where when in that area we will not be able to see the direction of the shot coming from.

Because as we know that when we are in a FF match, we can usually find out where the enemy is shooting by looking at it from the minimap. Generally there will be a red sign indicating that there are enemies around us who are opening fire.

However, if you are in the no signal zone, the minimap will not show this sign. In fact, the area on the minimap will be covered by a black circle with no signal written.

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Where is the No Signal Zone Located?

Many Free Fire players are trying to find where this no signal zone is but to no avail. Because indeed he can only be found at certain times and certain modes.

Usually this no signal zone will appear in the early game phase or the beginning of the match. And again it will only exist in classic mode only. So if you search for ranked mode or clash squad, you certainly won’t find it.

No Signal Zone is More Challenging

What is FF No Signal Zone?

From the explanation above, we can conclude that this no signal zone will be more exciting and challenging. Because in that area we can’t rely on the minimap to find out where the enemy fire is coming from.

So we have to pay more attention to the surrounding area to find out the opponent’s position. Our prudence will be tested more if we enter this no signal zone.

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So that’s a little discussion about the no signal zone in the free fire game. If you enter the area, then make sure to open your eyes wide because it will be more difficult to find the enemy’s location. Hopefully the article above is useful and see you soon!

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