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What Instagram Blue Tick Means And How To Get It

Fingka.com – The following information is about the Meaning of Blue Ticks on Instagram and how to get Blue Ticks on Instagram.

Currently, Instagram or IG is one of the most popular social media and is used especially by young Indonesians.

This is what makes many big businesses take part and switch to Instagram social media.

With the growing and growing number of Instagram or IG users, Facebook as the owner of Instagram is also trying to provide features and facilities for its users, one of which is by providing a Blue Tick feature.

Instagram Blue Tick Meaning

Then what does Instagram’s Blue Tick actually mean?

Blue Tick is an Instagram or IG account that has a blue tick which means it is an Original account or an Official account and has been verified for authenticity by Instagram.

The meaning of this Instagram Blue Check is one of Instagram’s efforts to ensure that the account is genuine to avoid and prevent fraud committed by fake accounts or accounts that resemble the official account and the original account.

On Instagram itself, we are free to create an account with anyone’s name, even resembling and similar to Artist accounts, other people’s accounts, or accounts with the same name.

That’s why Instagram provides a facility, namely the Instagram Blue Check which is useful for minimizing fraud and the use of unauthorized people.

How to Get Instagram Blue Tick

The Instagram Blue Tick is usually given directly to public accounts or people who are widely known both domestically and abroad.

The Instagram Blue Tick categories include:

Featured Artists and Public

Sports Athlete


Brand Official Trademark

Community Leaders including President, Minister, etc


Now the above categories usually immediately get the Instagram Blue Tick without having to do or ask for verification from Instagram.

But you can also request a Blue Tick to Instagram by following the procedure given by Instagram.

How to Request Instagram Blue Tick Verification

1. Login to Instagram

2. Go to > Settings

3. Select > Account

4. Select > Request Verification

5. Fill in the requested data on the Instagram Verification form

6. Click > Send

By following the process and steps above to request an Instagram Blue Tick, you just have to wait for the Blue Tick verification process carried out by Instagram.

The Blue Tick verification process from Instagram takes some time so you have to be patient until Instagram actually manages to verify the Blue Check on your Instagram account.

Routinely and always do updates on your Instagram account, and keep following the rules that apply on Instagram so that the Instagram account you have is worthy and entitled to this Instagram Blue Tick.

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