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What are the benefits of subscribing to PlayStation Plus

Playstation plus on PS5

Game – For Playstation users, you must be very familiar with Sony’s PlayStation Plus (PS +) subscription service for gamers. PlayStation Plus itself has actually been around since the days of PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. However, many of you must have decided not to subscribe or have subscribed to this service, either because you still have doubts, run out of money, or maybe you do not know the benefits of subscribing to Playstation Plus itself.

First of all, we need to know what PS Plus is. PS Plus is an exclusive digital service for Playstation console gamers that gives you premium features when you subscribe to PS Plus.

Having to pay another fee just to be able to play online multiplayer via Playstation Plus at the beginning of the Playstation 4 release sounds like a concept that doesn’t make sense and is difficult to accept for PlayStation users. But over time and Sony remains optimistic about the success of the concept, at least in the Playstation 4 era, Sony continues to ensure that the subscription money invested by the fans is worthwhile.

One of Sony’s ways is to make sure that the free games they release each month also have AAA games that have high ratings and a hype. This makes the PS Plus subscription fee feel more reasonable. But not just free games that you get when you subscribe to PS Plus. Playstation 5 players who do not want to lose to Xbox Game Pass receive additional benefits from this subscription system.

Well, in addition to the benefits in this article, Game will attempt to describe in detail the benefits and features that you get when you subscribe to PS Plus.

1. Free games every month

Playstation plus free games
There are three free game titles available for PlayStation Plus members to claim this December

At the beginning of each month, PS Plus subscribers are presented with two to three game titles that can be claimed free of charge. Also, the free games aren’t just games, just check out the free games in December, there’s Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena and Worms Rumble too.

If you do the calculations, you can get the three above game titles for just Rp. 89,000 for a 1 month subscription to become a PS Plus member. When buying at the normal price, a game can reach Rp. 400,000.

The games you claim when you subscribe to PlaySation Plus are yours forever as long as you still subscribe to PS Plus. So if you log out, the games you have claimed will be blocked. But don’t worry, once you’ve signed in again, you’ll be able to play these games again.

2. Topics and other free articles

free themes ps4
free theme for PS4 10th Edition PlayStation Plus

Not only are games free, but other PS Store items will be routinely free for PS Plus members too. For example themes, avatars, dlc and many others.

3. Different types of special discount offers

Black Friday Playstation Store
Black Friday discount

In fact, there are often discounts on digital games on the Playstation Store, but if you subscribe to PS Plus there will be more games, add-ons and discounted items available. In addition, you will also receive additional discounts for digital games that were previously discounted. For example, a game title has a special 50% discount, now there is an additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

4. Early Access and Demo that can only be used by PS Plus members

EA access playstation

Some game titles usually give PS Plus subscribers special access to try the game first before it is officially released to the public. Well, is it really fun when you can first try out games that weren’t officially released?

5. Online multiplayer

Fall Guys Online Multiplayer PS4
To play multiplayer online games, you must subscribe to PS Plus

Well, this online multiplayer is actually one of the main reasons you need to subscribe to PS Plus. More and more Playstation games are using online multiplayer functions such as Fall Guys, PUBG, FIFA, Call of Duty, PES and many more. Well, you won’t be able to enjoy this online multiplayer feature if you haven’t subscribed to PS Plus.

6. Cloud storage

PS4 cloud storage
PS4 cloud storage

Can you imagine that at some point your PS4 was corrupted and your 400-hour stored Destiny data was lost forever? Well, with cloud storage you don’t have to worry anymore as all the data saved on your PlayStation is automatically saved on Sony’s cloud server.

If you want to retrieve saved data, all you have to do is log into your Playstation account and your data will return to its original state. This feature allows you to continue playing on another PlayStation console. Just log into another PlayStation and you can continue your game.

In addition, you can also save almost full PlayStation storage space with Cloud Save. Simply save your finished game data in the cloud storage so that your PlayStation memory is relieved again

7. Various subscription package options

Playstation plus package options from 2 weeks to 1 year
PlayStation Plus bundle options

Sony itself gives you the choice of using PS Plus, which varies between 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months and 12 months. The longer the subscription period, the cheaper the price will of course be. So you can customize this package to your liking. For example, if you are only interested in the free PS Plus games feature and it turns out that this month’s free games are interesting, you can buy a 2-week or 1-month package just to claim this month’s free games . If the next month the free games turn out to be less attractive, then you don’t need to subscribe to PS Plus. So you can subscribe to PS Plus according to your needs and wallet conditions.

Price list and how to subscribe to PS Plus

More information: PS Plus with a one-year subscription period costs IDR 559,000. For a three month subscription period, players will need to spend around IDR 229,000. The monthly subscriptions are now set at around Rp. 89,000. The last one for 14 days costs around 25,000 IDR

You can subscribe to PS Plus directly from the PS Store or buy a voucher at the nearest online or physical store and then redeem it in the PS Store.

Perhaps that is all of Game’ articles about the benefits of subscribing to PlayStation Plus, and enjoy yourself for other game info updated only on Game. See you later!

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