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Watch Revolutionary Sisters Sub Indo on Telegram, let's check the link here

Revolutionary Sisters Telegram Link – Annyeong…

How are you today? Of course it’s healthy right? Today, Mimin wants to recommend a family-themed drama.

Early this year KBS2 will be ready to release a new Korean drama entitled “Revolutionary Sisters”. The drama, which will air from March to August, will present 50 episodes and each episode lasts 1 hour. That’s a lot of episodes, haha.

Synopsis Revolutionary Sisters

Watch Revolutionary Sisters Sub Indo on Telegram, let's check the link here

“Revolutionary Sisters” is the first drama to reflect the serious situation of COVID-19 that suddenly hit the world a year ago. It will remember memories of how Korea has gone through difficult times, and will also convey messages of sympathy and comfort. There will be a scene of chaotic and painful moments when people can’t find masks and have to queue to buy some. Very fitting for our current condition 🙁 I hope everything will return to normal as soon as possible. Also read: Vincenzo Telegram link

This drama tells the story of a husband and wife who are going through the process of divorce. However, when the divorce process was not finished, the mother, Oh Bong Ja (Lee Bo Hee) was found murdered. Finally, all of his family members were accused of being the perpetrators of the murder. So, who is the killer?

Lee Chul Soo (Yoon Joo Sang) husband of Oh Bong Ja and father of Lee Kwang Nam, Lee Kwang Shik, Lee Kwang Tae is someone who is authoritative and firm in all principles. However, he was not very familiar with his three children.

Meanwhile, there is Han Ye Seul (Kim Kyung Nam) who dreams of becoming a famous rock singer. But, in the end he gets into the complicated story of Lee Chul Soo’s family. Also read: Love Alarm 2 Telegram Link

Curious right? Don’t worry, you can watch it on the VIU application, you can also download it on google by typing “drakorindo Revolutionary sisters” Or easier, you can download it on telegram. Here, I give you the link.

Revolutionary Sisters Telegram Link

Now for those of you who are looking for the Revolutionary Sisters telegram link, you can directly check the link below.

Revolutionary Sisters Telegram link: https://t.me/Revolutionary_Sisters_Dramaku

Of course, you have to download the Telegram apk first, after that, just click above and you can download the video with the resolution you want. From 360p to 1080p

Finally, keep following the health protocols! Don’t forget to wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands 🙂


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