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Watch Drakor Mouse on Telegram, let's check the Telegram link here

Watch Drakor Mouse on Telegram, let's check the Telegram link here

Link Telegram Mouse Drakor Sub Indo – Hello…

Do you still remember SBS’s “Vagabond”, which was released in 2021? Yes, the drama, played by Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy, has a thriller, action and romance genre, successfully entertaining the audience with their acting.

Now, Lee Seung Gi will star in a tvn drama that will air as many as 20 episodes. In his latest drama this time, Lee Seung Gi will be dealing with a very dangerous psychopath.

The drama entitled “Mouse” will pair Lee Seung Gi with the female lead Park Joo Hyun, who previously also played in the Extracurricular drama and in 2021. Also read: Vincenzo Telegram Link

Synopsis Mouse

The Korean drama “Mouse” will be set in a time when we can identify a psychopath from the DNA while in the mother’s womb. The latest drama directed by Choi Joon Bae and Kang Cheol Woo will focus on a rookie police officer who is honest and has a high sense of justice.

In this Korean thriller genre, Lee Seung Gi will play Jung Ba Reum, a police officer who is famous for his good nature and honesty, and Park Joo Hyun will play Oh Bong Yi, a high school student who has problems but has high aspirations to become a prosecutor. Once upon a time, Jung Ba Reum met Oh Bong Yi and eventually became close like brother and sister. Also read: Telegram Link You Are My Hero

In addition to the two main characters, there is also Lee Hee Joon who plays Go Moo Chi who will be Jung Ba Reum’s partner. Previously, their life was very calm and peaceful until one day they had to deal with a serial killer psychopath who changed Jung Ba Reum’s life.

Finally, Jung Ba Reum and Go Moo Chi are determined to uncover and catch the psychopathic serial killer who has been troubling the entire country. Will Jung Ba Reum and Go Moo Chi’s efforts be successful in uncovering the serial murder case?

Curious? Surely you will ask the question, is the psychopath ready? How could he be a psychopath? But, if you are interested in watching this drama, you have to be prepared to be confused with the plot of the story going back and forth, like the relationship between Mimin and Doi.

Link Telegram Mouse Drakor Sub Indo

For the link, I’ll let you know, all you have to do is copy the link below and open it in your browser. Continue to join the telegram group and you can immediately download the drama.

Like Telegram Mouse: https://t.me/Mouse_Dramaku

Finally, don’t forget to watch the drama and don’t forget to read other articles on pikipo.my.id, okay…


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