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"Dear Warganet, What's My Wrong" The Oren Cat's Funny Story

Kocheng Oren’s Funny Story

Recently, many netizens have claimed that the orange, aka kocheng orange, is the most barbaric cat among other cats.

Either that opinion is based on personal experience, or just a follow-up to what people think about this orange cat.

There are also memes circulating that show how the eccentric behavior of the orange cat is. Starting from the orange cat biting his own friend, to biting the dog.

Some netizens have complained when their pets gave birth to orange children. They are worried that the kittens will become trouble makers.

Behind the viral aggressiveness of the orange cat, several opinions have also emerged and they are contrary to the stereotypes circulating in society these days. One of them is orange cats usually tend to be lazy and selfish.

I don’t know what this opinion is based on. It could also be that the opinion arises because of the influence of one of the famous orange cat cartoon characters.

Well, it turns out that the color of their fur has no significant effect on their innate character. This is confirmed by researchers from the University of California. He conducted research on 1,274 cat owners.

The result is a gray-white female cat that ranks first in the category of the most aggressive cat. The next order is a cat in black – white, or orange and and calico colors (three colors: white – orange – black).

Another study was also conducted by researchers from UC Berkeley. He conducted a survey of 189 cat owners. The conclusion is that the orange cat is the friendliest cat.

Based on some of these studies, we can see results that are not correlated with each other. For this reason, it can be concluded that the color of the fur in cats and their effect on the character they have is subjective.

Each cat (any color) will respond differently to each person even to fellow cats. This cannot be defined by the color it has.

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The environment also affects the character of each cat. One thing is for sure, the cat’s innate character is strongly influenced by its mother. Genetic factors contained in coat color, do not clearly conclude the same character between cats with one another.

“So, are you guys going to keep bullying this cute me?”
Dear Warganet, My Fur Color Is Innocent

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