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Want to Disburse BPUM Aid of RP 1.2 JT? Try 5+ Checking BNI BPUM NIK Online First, Here's How

JSMedia – In order to survive during the pandemic, the government provided this 2021 PNM Mekaar BNI Assistance to MSME actors. You can disburse assistance of 1.2 million directly to your BNI account. Check out more information.

Decreased sales turnover due to PSBB rules? This pandemic period is like a big storm that is destabilizing the economy, especially MSMEs. Now, to keep the country’s economy stable, especially in the MSME sector, the government is sensitively providing a helping hand.

Banpres BPUM or BLT UMKM is specifically for those of you who are registered as members of PNM Mekaar. The amount of assistance in this fasting month is quite large, around 1.2 million rupiah, which is enough for those of you who have dependents.

You can withdraw the cash directly at the BNI bank. However, before making a disbursement at the bank, try checking your BNI BPUM Online NIK, whether you are registered or not.

5+ How to Check BNI BPUM Online

5+ How to Check BPUM BNI Online

Do not come to the BNI office with empty information, especially if you are not an internet blind person. At least you vaguely understand the flow so that it makes it easier for staff workers. One of them is by checking the BNI Mekaar Presidential Ban in the following article.

  1. To check the 2021 Mekaar BNI PNM Assistance, you only need to open Google Chrome on the device you have
  2. Copy the following site, then press Enter: https://banpresbpum.id/index.html
  3. Take your ID card and look at the NIK section
  4. Enter the 16 digit number in the beneficiary search
  5. Make sure the number is correct, then press SEARCH
  6. If you are the recipient, your name and NIK will be listed in the search results.

If your name is not there, then you are not registered as a recipient of this year’s PNM Mekaar assistance.

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Terms of Disbursement of Mekaar PNM Aid

Terms of Disbursement of Mekaar PNM Aid

After seeing the information that you “received assistance” at the time of checking your NIK, then the new assistance can be disbursed.

To withdraw it, you have to go directly to the registered bank office, one of which is BNI. However, you must meet the requirements by bringing the following files.

  • E-KTP Card
  • Passbook and ATM card. Disbursement cannot be done if one is left behind. So make sure you bring both of them
  • SPTJM UMKM, Statement of Absolute Responsibility which has been signed by the recipient of BPUM.

If the documents are complete, the assistance will be immediately liquid and can be used.

How to find a Mekaar MSME BTM at BNI

Reportedly, the PNM Mekaar BNI assistance has been distributed since the end of March. To withdraw it, you cannot access the form provided by BRI. Because until now BNI has not provided the form on line to process the disbursement.

BNI’s e-form can only be used for pre-employment card recipients. So, if you want to withdraw via BNI, you can directly visit the nearest office.

Although not all PNM Mekaar members received the direct cash assistance. However, don’t worry and you can wait for the next wave.

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