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Wa Tick 2 But Called Calling, Here's The Reason!!

Pikipo – Hello everyone, on this occasion pikipo is back discussing the wa application because recently there have been so many questions about this application, one of which is the reason wa ticks 2 but on the phone calls. Guess why? So just read the article to the end.

As is known, the wa application is currently the most popular messaging service application that has a lot of users. In this application there are many features provided such as messaging services, simple calls and being able to make statuses at will.

The wa application can be relied on and can be needed even in stressful conditions such as busy working conditions. With a simple appearance and easy to run, it makes the most popular messaging application.

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Recently there was a question about the wa application. He said his friend had ticked 2 but when he contacted him via voicemail, his friend’s condition even had a notification calling someone else. For more details, read the article to the end.

Why Wa Checked 2 But Called Even Called?

When we have an event and want to immediately notify others through this wa application, of course we will directly chat or contact via the message service available on Wa.

However, several things can happen, one of which is the wa message that we sent earlier, but because of a very important condition, we immediately contacted him via voicemail. An unexpected thing happened, namely, his wa condition was in a state of calling.

So is the condition of the recipient of the message still on the phone with someone else?

This can happen, usually other people’s conditions when making calls and on the same occasion we contact them usually there is a notification calling on their wa. So we have to be patient, guys, maybe he’s busy with other people hehe.

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The final word

Well, that’s pretty much the discussion about the Wa application. If you are still confused by the explanation of the article above, you can ask it and write it in the comments column, guys.

Thanks for reading and enjoy guys.

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