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Vito Officially Declared Illegal, Here's Why!

JSMedia – On previous occasions, Jakarta Studio has discussed about is Vito an illegal app or not. And now that question has been answered with a press release on March 1, 2021 by the Investment Alert Task Force.

Through this press release, SWI officially declares Vito an illegal entity. Where he does not have a permit and is prohibited from carrying out his activities in Indonesia. Why is that, is Vito including Ponzi? The following is a complete discussion from Jakarta Studio.

They Say Watching Ads Get Money, In fact…

Vito Official Illegal

Right now, there is a lot of ponzi or money game applications. After yesterday Vtube was officially declared illegal and the application was taken down from the Playstore, it seems that there are many other applications with more or less the same system. Therefore we must remain vigilant.

One of the most popular after the downfall of Vtube is Vito. Where this application also claims to be able to provide income just by watching ads. Just like what Vtube promised, is Vito also a ponzi scheme?

In the previous article, Jakarta Studio has explained in full about the scheme used by Vito. Where he is a business selling products but under the guise of watching ads earn money.

To join this business, new members will be charged a minimum fee of 350,000 and get a product package called Detslim. In other words, the actual cost is to buy the product from the Vito. So up to this point, it’s clear that Vito is a product selling business, but with the lure of watching ads, you can earn millions.

Why is Vito Declared as an Illegal Entity?

Through a press release issued by the Investment Alert Task Force on March 1, 2021 yesterday, Vito, who is managed by PT Sukses Indonetwork Digital/VITO, is one of the entities declared illegal.

So with that the business they run is definitely not licensed and is at risk of fraud. The reason for the illegality of VITO is sales activities without a permit. Although so far in their community they claim to have complete permits, the facts from SWI say otherwise.

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List of Illegal Entities March 2021

Vito Official Illegal

In addition to VITO which has been declared illegal, there are a number of other entities that also suffer the same fate. With the press release in March 2021, there are at least 28 entities that have been declared illegal by SWI including TikTok Cash and Snack Video. Among them:

  • 14 Money Game Activities;
  • 6 Unlicensed Crypto Assets, Forex and Forex Robots;
  • 3 Direct Selling / Direct Selling without permission;
  • 1 Equity Crowdfunding without permission;
  • 1 Organizer of video content without permission;
  • 1 Unlicensed payment system; and
  • 2 other activities.

So, so that you don’t fall into one of them, here is a complete list of illegal entities in March 2021:

  1. PT Share Bintang Teknologi (Stasashi): Equity Crowdfunding without permission
  2. PT Prioritas Inti Sejahtera (Smart In Pays): Unlicensed payment system
  3. thetokole.com : E-commerce with direct selling system without permission
  4. Totole (mytotole.com): E-commerce with a direct sales system using the OJK logo without permission
  5. PT Sukses Indonetwork Digital/VITO : Direct sales without permission
  6. Smartplan Community : Trading crypto assets without permission
  7. Auto Sultan Community: Sales of futures trading software by promising profit sharing without permission
  8. Indonesia Binary Trader : Unlicensed Forex Broker Aggregator
  9. SMARTXBOT : Sale of forex trading robots with tiered scheme without permission
  10. Antares : Sale of forex robots with tiered scheme without permission
  11. FORSAGE, FORSAGE ETH, FORSAGE TRON : Trading crypto assets on a tiered scheme without permission
  12. PT Tiara Global Propertindo : Investment Offer without permission
  13. Golden Bird/Burung Emas (http://app.petbird88.com): Offers bird investment using the OJK logo without permission
  14. Indonesia Sepadu Bachelor Savings and Loan Cooperative : Money game/TikTok Cash Organizer
  15. PT Exadana Visiindo : Money game with 15% profit per week
  16. Go-Champion : Money game with tiered system
  17. Tiktok Cash: Money game with a tiered system with the mode of giving commissions through likes and views of Tiktok videos
  18. Blessings of Sharing 2021 : Money game with mutual help mode
  19. Gamebot.group : Money game with investment mode trading forex/forex, gold and crypto assets
  20. Rizki Sharing Community: Money game with mutual help mode
  21. Commero : Money game with mutual help mode
  22. Share Results : Money game with tiered system
  23. Coin Video 1-2-3 : Money game with tiered system
  24. Compass : Money game with tiered system
  25. Love Money : Money game with tiered system
  26. Umoney : Money game with tiered system
  27. Golden Age Asset/GAA : Money game with tiered system
  28. Video Snack : Organizer of video content without permission

For complete information, you can check the official website Press Release SWI March 2021.


That is a complete explanation of VITO’s status which has been declared an illegal entity by SWI. So for those of you who have not joined or have even joined, cancel immediately before experiencing more losses. Because it is clear that VITO is an unlicensed business that is very at risk of harming its members. Do not be easily tempted by large income with activities such as watching videos.

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