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Very funny! 11 Ways to Get Instagram's Christmas Filter, Could Be Santa Claus!

Fingka.com – December 25 is celebrated as Christmas Day by Christians. And the holiday will be more interesting with christmas day filters on instagram. With this filter will make Christmas celebrations more festive. Because we can capture important moments on holidays with interesting effects.

On Instagram itself, many people have made stories or posts with this Christmas filter. The effects given are also quite diverse, ranging from Santa’s hats and beards, deer antlers and so on. So have you tried it? Or do you not even know how to get a Christmas filter on Instagram?

Too bad then, because this is an important celebration especially for Christians. You can’t miss it and really know how to use it. Curious? Let’s just look at the discussion from Jakarta Studio below.

Christmas Day Filter Names on Instagram

Well, as usual, in order to be able to search for filters on IG, the first thing we need to know is the name. Because with the name of the filter we can easily find the filter. For filters with a Christmas theme or Christmas itself, there are quite a few. Among them there are filters santa, christmas day to christmas eve.

Those are some of the names of filters with the theme of Christmas. So if you want to make a story with a Christmas effect, you can really try one of them. Do you know how to find it yet? If not, please refer to the tutorial that Jakarta Studio has summarized below.

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How to Get Instagram’s Christmas Day Filter

How to Get Instagram's Christmas Day Filter

Maybe many of you have never known how to find new filters on Instagram. For this reason, Jakarta Studio will share tips for downloading filters on IG to using them to create InstaStory. Curious? Here’s the tutorial.

1. Open your respective Instagram application.
2. After that tap the camera option in the upper left corner.
3. Then slide the filter section to the left.
4. Select on option Browse Effects and tap Search.
5. Type the keyword christmas or santa.
6. Next, the search results will appear.
7. Please select one of the filters.
8. After you find what you want, tap Save.
9. Now if it’s downloaded, select Try.
10. Please use it to create an instastory.
11. How easy is that? You must try it.


Those are tips on how to get a Christmas theme filter on Instagram. You can use it to add to the excitement of the celebration on Christmas Day. Hopefully the tutorial above can be useful for all of us. Don’t forget to always visit Jakarta Studio to always get other interesting tips.

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