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Use 2 Easy Ways to Check Active IM3 Packages

JSMedia – The IM3 internet package ran out and when I was about to fill my quota I suddenly forgot, what internet package did you use yesterday, huh? This happens often and is very natural for everyone to experience when they want to top up their quota but forget the type of package.

Coupled with the incident of forgetting where to buy the internet data. Can be at a pulse dealer or platform marketplace. It feels very inconvenient if you have to check the marketplace or even a credit counter where you buy internet packages.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to check the currently active IM3 package below, so you no longer need to experience the hassles like the illustration above.

How to Check an Active IM3 Package?

It would be better if you diligently check the IM3 internet package even though your data quota is still quite a lot, the goal is to know the name of the internet package. So that when you are about to refill your package, you will have no more trouble.

You can use two ways, namely via Dial Up/UMB/USSD and applications. Both are very easy to do and the detailed information on the type of package that is displayed is complete.

Following 2 steps to Check IM3 Packages.

1. Using the Dial Up/UMB/USSD method

1. Using the Dial Up/UMB/USSD method

The terms Dial Up, UMB or USSD may sound foreign to you. Because people generally call it a direct call menu. Checking IM3 packets by calling is the easiest way and doesn’t require any third-party applications.

You just need to follow step by step until the information on the type of package being used appears. Here are the steps to check internet quota via dial up.

  1. Open the call menu with the landline logo on it.
  2. Type the following combination of symbols and numbers on the keyboard that appears: “*363#
  3. Press “call
  4. Wait for loading until a pop-up screen appears. You only need to write a number in the available options as a command to get the desired information. To check IM3 packages that are still active, type a number for the option “INFO” which is usually in the number “7” or the lowest order number.
  5. A new pop up will appear and display your choice of number information. Select number “1“on choice”Check quota
  6. Provider will pop up again. This time reply with a number for the option “Internet packages
  7. After this, a pop up will display a notification that the IM3 package check request was sent.
  8. Then you just need to wait for an SMS from IM3. There will be information on what type of package you are currently using, how many more days to use it, and how much remaining quota is available.

The disadvantage of this method is that sometimes the loading process is very network dependent and takes a while. Each time a number is selected, it is processed. Then, select the number again and process again. And so on.

If you only want to type one command and don’t want to wait long, you can directly send an SMS to Indosat. Here’s the guide:

  1. Open your phone’s default SMS or messenger application.
  2. Select the icon to compose a new message.
  3. For number purposes, type “363
  4. Type the following IM3 package check format in the message body column: “USAGE
  5. Immediately press send and wait for a reply message from IM3. Usually messages from providers arrive quickly.
  6. The contents of the reply message are complete information regarding the use of your internet package starting from the package name, remaining quota, and usage time limit.

This method of checking IM3 packages via SMS will not withdraw your number’s credit balance. It should also be noted that IM3 may send a reply SMS from a different number, which is a special number for IM3 Packages.

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2. Using the MyIM3 App

2. Using the MyIM3 App

IM3 also provides a special MyIM3 application for its customers. This application will make it easier for customers to access all information related to the M3 provider. Information about your number in this application is very complete. Even here you can also check the status of the number, make a package purchase, and other detailed information.

Although it requires an internet network, the information obtained through the application is faster. In contrast to the manual method, which takes a long time and the information submitted is quite limited. Worse yet, if the network is bad, users often have to do the manual steps repeatedly from the beginning.

That’s why the following way to check the currently active IM3 package can be a more practical alternative.

  1. Download app myIM3 on the Play Store or App Store on your cellphone.
  2. After the installation process is complete, open the application.
  3. Enter your IM3 number, then press the “Next
  4. For security, IM3 will send a verification OTP code to your number via SMS.
  5. Enter the OTP code in the column provided and you will enter the myIM3 main page.
  6. Choose “Remaining Quota” complete information will appear regarding the IM3 internet package that you are currently using.

Isn’t it easy to check the IM3 packages that are currently active above? Just choose what you want.

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