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Underwater Castle ID In Sakura School Simulator

Underwater Castle ID In Sakura School Simulator

Underwater Castle ID In Sakura School Simulator – Hello guys. There’s something new again today at pikipo. Of course, by always presenting the latest collection of IDs in the Sakura School Simulator game. For now, Mimin wants to share the underwater palace ID for you.

Surely you are curious right? Let’s continue to follow the review below.

When traveling abroad, especially in Europe, tourists will be offered tours in the form of buildings such as palaces, castles and forts. The palace has a large and magnificent building structure, there is even a palace that is plated with gold and marble, it symbolizes luxury.

In this day and age, the palace has changed its function. Many palaces are used for museums, hotels, government buildings and even offices. Also read: Potato House ID in Sakura School Simulator

For those of you fans of the Sakura Schol Simulator game. In Sakura Town there is a castle located at the bottom of the ocean. You must use the props id below. So that you can review the castle in Sakura Town.

Underwater Castle ID In Sakura School Simulator

Disclaimer; The ID props have been uploaded on Youtube from their respective owners. For those of you who want to use these id props, subscribe to their Youtube Chanel and give a like to the props as a form of appreciation and support from the maker of this Sakura School Simulator id props. Thank you.

  • Underwater palace 65161498836417 by Khanza Adelia Chanel

That was the underwater palace id in Sakura School Simulator. If you want to add your id props, you can share them in the comments, guys..

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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