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Tutorial on How to Create a Room in Among Us Online, Local and Freeplay Games

Tutorial on How to Create a Room in Among Us Online, Local and Freeplay Games

Types of Rooms in Among Us . Game

Room in the game among us is a place to accommodate several players in one game. Making roms is usually used to hang out with friends alone.

Before making a room, we need to know about the types of rooms in this game.

In the Among Us game, there are 3 rooms, to be more precise, they are On line, Local, and Freepaly. The explanation is as follows.

FreePlay Rooms is a room used for practice. So in this room you only play alone and use bots or computers as opponents. Usually this room is used to practice and memorize every existing map and task.

Room Local is a room that can be used to play with friends as long as it is with the same connection. For example, if we use the same hotspot or wifi network. We can use this room for mabar when we are together.

Room Online is a room that can be used to chat or play with anyone from anywhere online. In Room Online you can use private and public settings. If you choose private, only friends who know the room code can enter. Meanwhile, if you change it to public mode then everyone on one server can enter.

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How to Create an Online Room in the Among Us Game

The way to create an online room is actually very easy, you just need to follow the steps below.

1. Select the online mode in the game then select Create Game in the Host menu.

2. Choose the room settings according to your wishes, starting from the map, the number of Impostors, and the maximum number of players who can enter the room.

3. The third step is for you to just select Confirm in the lower right corner.

4. At this stage your room is ready. Here there is a code at the bottom center and a Private/Public option that you can change as you like. As I explained earlier, if you have friends who want to join, then you choose private first so your friends can enter and if you want other people or foreigners to enter, you just change the setting from private to public and in a few moments foreigners will enter the room that you created.

How to create a Local Room in Game Among Us

The way to create a Local Room in the Among Us game is simpler than the Online Room. the steps are as follows:

1. Open your Among Us Game then select the Local menu

2. After that select Create Game in the Host section

3. Your room is ready. In the local room you can’t set the number of players or maps like in the online room.

For those who want to enter the local room, you must be on the same internet network as the host or the one who created the room, and you will immediately enter the same room.

How to Enter the Online Room in the Among Us Game.

There are two choices that we can choose when we want to enter the online room in the Among Us game, namely entering a stranger’s room and entering a friend’s room.

For those who want to join or enter other people’s rooms, the steps you have to do are:

1. Select the online menu and then select the Public Find Game menu

2. Select the room you want to enter. It is recommended to choose a room with a small number of players such as 2 or 4 people so that you can easily enter the room.

3. Done, you have entered someone’s online room.

It was a pickle to enter someone else’s room.

Meanwhile, the way to enter a friend’s online room is a little different. The steps are as follows:

1.Select Online mode then select the Private Enter Code menu

2. Enter the Room Code owned by the Host, here the host is your friend who made the Room Online.

3. The choice of server must be the same and for the code there are 6 capital letters. Enter the code correctly and you will enter the same room.

4. For those of you who experience disconnection or room not found, please try again to enter the code correctly. The disconnection problem itself is a natural thing because too many servers in this game play it.

So, that was a complete tutorial on creating a Room in the Among Us Game. For those of you who don’t know about the trick to being a true Crewmate, you can also read about it here.

So, I hope this article is useful.

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