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Tricks to Use Paid VPNs for Free

Pikipo – Tricks to Use Paid VPNs for Free

Tricks to Use Paid VPNs for Free

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an alternative that is often used to open blocked websites or can also be used as a trick in a game.

The use of VPNs in games is usually used to change servers in games so that we can be safe from blocks carried out in a country such as the PUBG Mobile game in India, and the KOF event trick in Mobile Legends.

For VPN security, this is arguably very safe, but it really depends on the VPN application that we use. It is necessary to be very careful that there are many free VPNs available on the Playstore and most of them also do not guarantee the security of their users so there is no loss of possibility that our personal data can be stolen either by outsiders or within the country.

One way to be safe in using a VPN is to use a paid VPN.

Why do you have to pay?

Paid VPNs have special servers with faster and more stable internet connections than free VPNs, besides that paid VPNs also guarantee the security of their users who subscribe.

One of the drawbacks of paid BPN is that the subscription fee is quite expensive, because usually we always use foreign currency crucibles, so when we want to subscribe we think about it.

For that, here are tricks that we can try to use a paid VPN for free.

1. The first step is that we first download the VPN application that provides paid features on the Google Playstore.

2. Open the application and usually for some VPN applications we are required to create an account first.

3. After you have finished creating an account, all you have to do is look for the subscription feature or usually called the PRO feature and then we just choose to subscribe.

4. After entering the subscription feature, we have to choose the subscription package we want and then just choose the cheapest one if there is no trial or trial mode.

5. Choose the payment method using credit, usually only available for IM3 and Telkomsel operators.

6. In the payment method, there will usually be a trial option first, you make sure first and select the trial mode, usually one week.

7. After that select make payment on the free trial feature.

8. Your Paid VPN has been activated.

9. After the Trial time limit or the trial period of your application runs out, you just need to cancel it via the Playstore application, more precisely in the subscription menu.

10. In this way we can use a VPN with paid features for free and we can use the paid features provided.

That was the trick to using a paid VPN application for free on our Smartphone.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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