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Tricks to Get SS Ninja Rank in Newest Ninja Heroes 2021

Ninja Heroes Tips and Tricks
Game – Ninja Heroes is the best Naruto themed RPG game Actually, many games have been carried over from the Naruto anime, but Ninja Heroes is the game that can be called one of the best Naruto themed games. Why is this game the best? Because Ninja Heroes uses the name and demeanor of the original Naruto character. For a fuller review of Ninja Heroes, you can visit the article on Review: Ninja Heroes – Best Naruto RPG Online here.

Ninja heroes. Published by RedGame Studio, this Naruto-themed game has been downloaded from Playstore by millions of Android users. This game is pretty good with 2D graphics, which is certainly pleasing to the eye. This game is also equipped with various interesting features, such as building, on certain levels you can open new buildings, the contents of which also vary.

Going straight to the point of this article, Game would like to share tips and tricks on how to get SS ninja rank in ninja heroes. These are just tips and tricks that can work or fail. So pray first before you try. Praying started … !!! ……… Praying ended … !!! Okay, now pray let’s go straight to the tips and tricks

Tips to get SS ninja rank with capture ninja

1. Open the Ninja Heroes app and select your account

2. Then select the server on which you normally play and log in.

3. Now tap or touch the ninja that shows like the three pictures below

Ninja Heroes Tips and Tricks
Ninja Heroes Tips and Tricks
Ninja Heroes Tips and Tricks

4.Try to get a notification like the above picture (a little trick from us, do these tips at 8pm)

5. Enter the ninja hut
6. Next select Basic Capture,
7. If you can, you should reach rank B, because according to the formula in the paperback of physics it says: Rank D = Rank C / B | Rank C = B / A | Rank B = A / S).
8. After you have reached Rank B, open Advanced Capture (your happiness level is being tested here, brother, you can reach Ninja Rank A and even S. Don’t forget to read the prayer again so that your happiness increases)
9. When you have the ninja don’t forget to take screenshots and share in the comments
10. To upgrade a ninja to the SS rank, simply combine the ninja you have until the rank is SS

    Rank D = C / B

    Rank C = B / A (the possibility of reaching rank S is very low)

    Rank B = A / S (the possibility of attaining the SS rank is very low)

    And that’s real proof that this trick works 100%

    Ninja rank SS ninja hero
    Tsunade is one of the SS rank ninjas

    Update: Game suggests you all to try out games that also take up the story of the Naruto anime and that are definitely more exciting than Ninja Heroes. Read and download the Konoha Heroes game here

    A couple of articles about “Tutorial to Achieve SS Ninja Rank in Ninja Heroes” If you have any questions or want to share other tips and tricks about Ninja Heroes, please send them in the comments section. Look forward to tips and tricks for other games only on Game.

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