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Tricks Guide How to Play Moskov MLBB And the Latest Build February 2021

Tricks Guide How to Play Moskov MLBB And the Latest Build February 2021

Pikipo – Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Moskov is a marksman hero in the Mobile Legend game.
The marksman’s job is as a damage dealer in the game, so the role of marksman is also very important in the game.

As a damage dealer, Moskov is a hero who has a fairly higher damage than most other marksman.
This hero is very strong in the midgame and late game because of his lifesteal and stun skills.

Moskov is loved by many players because it is cool and the gameplay is not monotonous and difficult to fight.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Moskov.

Moscow’s advantages:

  • High mobility : High mobility is very helpful for roaming and avoiding or chasing opponents during war.
  • Skills: Moskov’s skill can be said to be quite good, because skill one in addition to moving places also increases attack speed. While skill 2 can stun the opponent if it hits a wall.
  • High Damage, Attack Speed ​​and Lifesteal
  • Fast Farming : With skill one that can increase attack speed, it makes it easier for him to farm faster.
  • It’s hard to fight against 1 vs 1 : Moskov is very strong and difficult to fight, especially if you are dealing 1 on 1 because of the two Moskov skills that can give a fairly long stun.

Moscow Disadvantages:

  • Low durability : Moskov’s blood is very thin so it’s easy to die if hit by high brust damage like Aurora.
  • Difficult to master.
  • Weak against many stun heroes.


For emblems, I suggest using an assassin emblem with the attributes of movement, physical penetration and bounty hunter so that the movement is higher and the bounty hunter effect can be obtained after getting a kill.

Build Moscow

Build 1 : Use the first build if you want to get full damage and high lifesteal. This build is used if there are not too many heroes that threaten you.

Build 2 : Use the second build if you meet two assassins or two mages, where both heroes have high brust damage. Use the second build so you guys can survive.

Build 3 : This third build is more special if your opponent is thick like 2 tanks + fighter. Use this build to make it easier for you to fight heroes who have high durability.

Note: Jungle items must be purchased at the beginning of the game, upgrade to level three if your gold position wins. Sell ​​the jungle item if it’s late game and replace your item according to your opponent’s condition.


Flicker, Purify, Inspire.

As for the actual spell, it depends on your respective gameplay, but my advice is to use a flicker spell so that we have more choices during war and less chance of dying.

Tips and Tricks to Play Moskov

1. Focus on Farming Early in the Game

Moskov’s damage at the beginning of the game is very small, so try to focus on farming first until two or 3 items are ready.

2. Purchase Lv 3 Jungle Items

Buy the Lv 1 jungle item after that from the shoe. After the shoe item is finished, you can upgrade the jungle item to Lv 3 so that you can get additional damage and speed up farming jungle.

3. Good positioning

The third tip is positioning or the placement of our position.

As is known, good positioning is the most important thing for marksman, especially for Moskov because Moskov’s attack range is very short compared to other markman heroes like Lesley, so it is very easy to catch the opponent.

Your positioning must be right, you must be able to keep your distance and stay behind the tank so that you are not easily locked by the enemy.

4. Spell Flicker

The fourth tip is to use the Flicker spell.

Maybe most of you think why you have to use the flicker spell even though one Moskov skill can be used to fick or dodge.

The function of the flicker spell in Moskobv is more towards attacking, where we can use skill one + flicker to chase or run away from the opponent. With spell flicker you are much safer and not easy to die so that your gold income is not hampered.

5. Frequently – Frequently Looking at the Map

Try to open the minimap often and see the map when a teammate is doing war, who knows if there is an enemy whose blood is low, you can shoot him by using his ultimate skill.

6. Work hard

Moskov is a hero that is difficult to master, so you have to play it often so that you can memorize it more and be good at playing it.

So those were some tips on how to play Moskov in the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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