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Tricks for Using Bugs in Clash of Clans Games

Everyone must have known the name Clash Of Clans or generally abbreviated as COC. This game, which is played by all groups, whether children, teenagers, adults or Mr. RT also likes to play Clash Of Clans. This strategy game from the developer Supercell is still the most popular game on the Google Playstore. Obviously, Clash Of Clans has long been number 1 in the Google Playstore.

Surely most of the Clash Of Clans players were looking for Clash Of Clans cheats, mods or hacks. If you search for it on Google, it will ask you to take a survey or install the Waff application. Just asking to install whaff can still tell you it’s safe, but taking a survey and entering your Clash of Clans ID is dangerous. Since your Clash Of Clans ID is vulnerable to hacking attacks, you need to be careful. So it makes no sense to search Google for cheats, mods, hacks or the like, as Supercell puts your Clash Of Clans account data on the server so that changes to data from smartphones are easily detected.

But don’t despair, you have to keep in mind that no matter how sophisticated the protection is, a game must have loopholes or be called a “bug” in programming language. We will take advantage of this gap. Let’s just do it.

Materials, equipment and obligations

2. Your Android must be “ROOT”

3. Lots of Clash Of Clans gems to speed up development


1. First, download the GameKiller application and install GameKiller

2. Open the GameKiller application after opening Clash Of Clans. Press the “Search” logo or the magnifying glass or loop.

3. Look at the price of upgrading TownHall or other buildings first, it’s up to you. Then enter the TownHall upgrade price number on GameKiller and press the search button

4. Then several addresses appear with the same number. To make it easier, press the menu button (three line logo) to see the screenshot below more clearly

5. After you have selected the menu, press “Data Control” see picture below …

6. Then select “Modify All Values”, see screenshot below …

7. Change the value to 0 and return to Clash Of Clans. See screenshots below …

8. And check out the price of upgrading TownHall from level 8 to level 9 for only 0 gold.

9. Well, here you have to take advantage of the existing loophole. Hit upgrade and once you’ve finished building the TownHall with Gems, remember to use Gems, huh

10. And … Congratulations, TownHall has been upgraded to Level 9. Without using a penny of gold, it turns out that TownHall can be upgraded and the upgrade does not take 10 days.

So “Trick Bugs In Clash Of Clans” can be successful and useful for all of you. Don’t forget to comment if it works. For those who are still confused, please ask questions in the comments column


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