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Treasure Hoarder's Genshin impact site (Silver Raver Insignia)

Where Location of the treasure hunter ..? For friends who play Genshin Impcat and want to find items from the Silver Raver Insignia and Treasure Hoarders Insignia, the administrator will share the locations of the pirates that are usually in the Genshin Impcat game called Treasure Hoarders, maybe for friends who reach AR Thirties and upstairs will be busy looking for some items that will serve to level up, as the higher the AR level, the greater the need for upgrades.

So you don’t get confused, AR stands for Adventure Ranking, now one of the things that is much needed to upgrade items or character buns becomes the item that is dropped from the treasure hunter, which is Treasure Seekers Badges, Silver Raven Badges, and Golden Raven Badges, the question is, where are these treasure hunters located ..? Of course, when we usually play and explore the map, we accidentally come across these treasure hunters, but my friend will forget where they are. Hence a few tips from the admin for those of you who play Genshin Impact if you find monster nests more confused. but how do you mark the location in the Genshin Impact Map ..? The answer is very simple, buddy, please follow these steps:

How to mark the location of the Genshin impact by Treasure Hoarder

> – First open Maps and then tap on the location on the map point that you want to mark (see picture)

> – Enter a description of the point you have marked by tapping on the symbol description above (see picture)

> – When a description has been created, select Ok then the cards have been marked successfully (see picture)

Well here we have the option to mark places that are considered important, but with this mark we only get 99 mark points if I think it’s pretty good for now who is still a beginner but according to the shape of the Judging by Genshin Impact cards so extensive that I think only 99 are missing, hopefully there will be an update and increase the number of marker boundaries on the cards.

Location of the Genshin impact from Treasure Hoarder

Ok, back to our main discussion to find out where the treasure hunter gets items Insignia, There are actually a lot of hiding spots, but I’ll share what I found. Maybe my computer resource friend has his own location that isn’t on this item list has only been playing Genshin Impact for 1 month and is still a noob hehe.

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