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Tips & Tricks Playing Shopee Games Fishing Can Get Gold Prizes

JSMedia – Want to get gold easily on Shopee? Play Fishing Shopee! Here are tips and tricks cHow to play Shopee games Fishing the latest you should know.

Shopee always brings new features to make users feel at home for long marketplace this. For example, discount vouchers, free shipping vouchers, and free points that can be exchanged for money.

Not only shopping features, you can also play games that can make money from this application. One of the newest in 2021 is Shopee Fishing. You should try to play it and enjoy the benefits it provides. In order to get a lot of prizes, of course you have to know how to win the game.

Easy Ways to Play Shopee Games Fishing

Easy Ways to Play Shopee Games Fishing

This game is very easy to do. All you have to do is shoot the fish and get points. Here are the steps on how to play Shopee Fishing properly.

  1. Open the Shopee Games menu in the Shopee application, then select Shopee Fishing.
  2. Click the icon to start playing.
  3. To get points, use cannon to shoot fish.
  4. Focus your finger on the fish because the direction of the shot follows the touch of your finger.
  5. Press and hold the shot then aim at the target object.
  6. Points will be added automatically when the fish is successfully shot.

Each fish has different points depending on the type. Stingrays 1000 points, turtles 150 points, jellyfish 100 points, thorn fish 40 points, eels 30 points, small jellyfish 30 points, small yellow fish 30 points, and 10 points for purple fish.

Easy Tips & Tricks to Get Points at Shopee Games Fishing

Easy Tips & Tricks to Get Points at Shopee Games Fishing

Every user can certainly try the game. However, if you want hundreds of thousands of points quickly, you need a strategy. Here are tips and tricks that you can use that have proven to be effective in collecting up to 100 thousand points in just 1 hour.

  1. Tips for getting lots of points at Shopee Fishing
  • Stingrays give you the most points, so focus on shooting them.
  • Shoot often the small yellow fish that flock together to add bullets.
  • Don’t shoot when there are fish blocking the gun except for a group of small fish.
  • Fish will die quickly if shot in the face. Unless the fish are in schools, fish that are not in contact with other fish will die more easily if shot. If the fish are hard to beat, change the target.
  • Don’t shoot fast swimming fish.
  • If you hear a “ting” sound on the gun, stop playing within 15 seconds. Reduce the intensity of the shot afterwards.
  • Fish will be hard to beat and bullets will run out quickly if the internet network is not stable.
  • There are hockey clocks that you should pay attention to. Usually fish die easily at 8 and 12 at night.
  1. Tricks for Fish to Die Quickly at Shopee Pancing
  • Shoot the eel right in the head.
  • Shoot the jellyfish when it bulges big.
  • When the hand is open, shoot the turtle in the head or body.
  • For easy defeat, shoot the small fish first and then the big fish.
  • For puffer fish, shoot the fins.
  • To kill stingrays quickly, shoot when their wings are bent or when they are close to small fish in a row.

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Gift from Shopee Games Fishing

Gift from Shopee Games Fishing

The distribution of free points from Shopee will be carried out every morning and evening at 8. The more often you play it, the greater the chance to get a lot of points. The game will not end as long as you have points. Even though it’s sold out, you can buy it for only 2 thousand rupiah.

If you have accumulated a lot of points, press the gift symbol to exchange it. You can exchange it for 100 thousand Shopee coins, shopping discounts of up to 50%, up to 1 gram of gold.

You can also get free electronic goods by exchanging these Shopee Pancing points. For example, cool clocks, Cosmos rice cookers, Samsung cellphones, Huawei, and other electronic products. Immediately exchange the points if they have been collected, don’t let your voucher expire.

Those are tips and tricks to get hundreds of thousands of points in a short time. The most important thing is to play Shopee Fishing games every day, so you will get thousands of points in a short period of time. If the points are collected quickly, it will be easier for you to get many attractive prizes such as gold and electronics for millions of rupiah.

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