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Tips & Tricks How to Play WormsZone.io Android worms

Tips & Tricks How to Play WormsZone.io Android worms

game worm

Pikipo – Bismillah,
The year 2021 began with surprising news where worms began to rule the world, especially in Indonesia itself.

Unlike usual where the best-selling games are PUBG and Mobile Legend, now worm games like WormsZone.io and Slelter.io are on the rise – especially women who don’t usually like to play games, so many play this worm game, maybe they don’t want to. lost to his partner who likes to play games wkwkwk.

Not only from women, parents and children also play it a lot.

The gameplay itself is quite simple, you just have to collect as many pints as possible without hitting your opponent.

While the goal of this game itself is to be the longest to survive and be the longest and have the most points.

So, so that we can survive as long as possible and become ranked 1, here are some tips & tricks on how to play WarmZone.io for you:

1. Be patient and don’t be too barbaric

For those of you who may have just played this game, you definitely want to hurry up to kill other worms, but instead of our worms growing fast, we ourselves die because we hit other worms.
It’s better if you grow up your worms, for example, your points are already 100,000, then you start to feel good for barbarians.

2. Don’t press the gas button often

Now for those of you who often gas, it’s better to reduce the gas a little if you want to get a lot of points quickly, because when we press the gas button, our points will decrease and our worms will become small and elongated.
So use the gas button wisely.

3. Take buff items, especially multiple buffs

There are many buff items in this worm game and are very helpful in playing. For the buff itself, I recommend always taking it, especially for the multiply buff or the blue bottle where the effect itself is X5 points from our food.

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4. Play offline

This game can indeed be played offline or online where if you play online when you die, ads will appear which are quite annoying and make the game less stable, so it’s better to just turn off your cellphone data.

5. Don’t forget Schreenshot

So, don’t forget to screenshot your final results so you can show off to your friends wkwkwkwk.

So many Tips & Tricks How to Play WormsZone.io Android worms
Hopefully this article is useful.
Remember the game is to be enjoyed wkwkwk :v

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