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Tips on How to Play the Latest Lancelot Hero July 2021 With Build, Spell, MLBB.

Tips on How to Play the Latest Lancelot Hero July 2020 With Build, Spell, MLBB.

Pikipo – Mobile Legend.

Tutorial on how to use Hero Lancelot in the latest patch July 2021.

Lancelot is an Assassin hero in the Legend mobile game.

Lancelot is one of the strongest Assassins, especially in the early game.

This hero has many advantages, especially in terms of mobility and high damage which is supported by his passive skill which has now been buffed so that this hero is still able to compete in this latest patch.

Even though this Hero is strong, we can’t just pick or play carelessly because this Hero also has many weaknesses, especially when meeting heroes who have a lot of crowd control or stun skills like Khufra Akai and Aurora.

Immediately, here are some tips and tricks on how to play Hero lancelot in the latest Legend mobile game 2021 along with the build:

1. Don’t just pick

For those who have been in Epic or above, try not to pick lancelot at the beginning.

Try to draft pick properly first.

Pick lancelot if the counter is only one or two so it will be easier to play it.

One of the toughest counters from Lancelot is Kufra, Helcurt, and heroes who have a lot of stun.

2. Battle spell Retribution and Bounty Hunter emblem

As a midlaner Lancelot is highly recommended to use the Retribution spell so that roaming and farming are fast.

Take advantage of the retribution spell as well as possible both for farming and for stealing Jungle from opponents.

As for the lancelot emblem, it is highly recommended to use a Bounty Hunter because it can significantly get additional gold when we kill an opponent.


To build, use the build above according to the opponent we are facing.

  1. Use the first build if the opponent has many heroes with high physical damage, this build is enough to kill the opponent’s marksman or mage.
  2. Use the second build if you want more damage or want very painful damage, the weakness of this build is in terms of our defense, so if you are good at playing lancelot try using this build.
  3. Use this third build if your opponent only has one or two hero cores, this build is quite strong especially in the late game.

4. gameplay

  • Early game: In the early game, try to farm first to level 4 and after that try to roam up and down to kill the opponent’s hero. In the early game lancelot is a strong enough hero so we can play aggressively in the early game.
  • Mid game: For gameplay in midgame, it’s more or less the same as in the early game, we only need to farm and roam as well as possible, don’t just farm or focus on your one line because as a mildliner who has high mobility, Lancelot is also required to kill the opponent’s hero so that fat fast.
  • Late game: For the late game itself, Lancelot is quite easy to defeat because it has a fairly low HP and resistance compared to Hero Fighter and opposing marksman. For that we must be careful during War. We have to wait for the momentum where the opposing hero has used all the stun skills they have so that our chances of killing the opponent’s hero are higher and we don’t die in vain.

So, those were some tips and tricks on how to play Lancelot in the latest July 2021 patch.

Additional tips, often to practice skill 1 lancelot in practice mode because it will really help your gameplay and your agility when playing lancelot.

I hope this article is useful

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