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Tips on How to Play the Latest Balmond Hero August 2021 With Build, Spell, MLBB

Tips on How to Play the Latest Balmond Hero August 2020 With Build, Spell, MLBB

Pikipo – Mobile Legends

Balmond is a fighter hero in the MLBB game.

Haro Balmond is starting to rise in this patch, because in the current meta, Balmond is buffed so his blood is very thick, and can be a very strong offliner, especially in the early game.

Many players start playing it because it’s pretty easy, just playing around and then running out of ulti.

Actually, it’s not wrong, really, it’s just that there are many who don’t understand the gameplay and how to roam this hero, there are also many players who become feeders because they pretend to pick Balmond, even though he doesn’t know the item, he just dumps kills just use ulti.

Here are some tips and builds for this Balmond hero so that we don’t become feeders.

1. Don’t just pick

Do not carelessly pick this Balmond hero, especially if the enemy has a lot of stun and many heroes can blink.

2. Spell Flicker and Assassin Emblem

Don’t underestimate the Spell flicker because you already have the skill to escape because the escape skill itself can also fail if you hit the enemy.

For emblems, you can try the emblem below, because it hurts, especially at the beginning of the game.

In addition to the assassin emblem, you can also use the fighter emblem which adds a vamp spell, thicker but less painful.

3. Build

Latest Build Balmond August 2020

For the build you can use the build above depending on the gameplay you want full damage or more thanky.

  • Build 1: I recommend using the first build because you can be barbaric from the start – early in the game and also strong for the late game.
  • Build 2: The second build can be used if you become a solo offliner and focus more on farming and coming to war for trash.
  • Build 3: For this third build for the balmond tank, for the emblem you use a tank or fighter emblem to make the blood thicker.

4. Gameplay.

  • Early Game: Take the minions first and after level 2 you will disturb the enemy’s farming, but make sure you don’t die, use the flicker spell to run away if you are pressed. Don’t be passive, just wait for the minions and farming, don’t waste your balmond assassin skills in the early game hahaha. But you also need to remember to keep farming, barbarians can as long as you don’t go crazy hahaha.
  • Midgame: In midgame, keep farming while roaming, help war friends if possible. Keep in mind that Balmond’s hero is a hero who relies on teammates, not solo heroes like Marsha, so help friends during teamfights.
  • Late Game: In the late game, balmond is quite hard compared to a fighter but soft when compared to a tank, so don’t just enter the war, wait for your tank to open war first before you start joining the war. A few tips, don’t use the ultimate balmond skill if the opponent’s blood is still a lot, wait about a quarter of the blood already killed by being crushed by the balmond.

So, those were some tips for playing the Balmond hero in the latest August 2021 Patch.

This hero is starting to be very common, especially when using meta fighter and tanks.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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