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Tips for Using Kingfisher FF's New Weapon, Is It Good?

JSMedia – Since the start of the ranked season 22 of Free Fire, there have been many new things that have appeared. One that is quite attention-grabbing is the release of a new weapon, namely Kingfisher. Have you guys tried it?

About Kingfisher FF

Kingfisher FF Weapon Tips (

This new weapon belongs to the Assault Rifle (AR) type. So it is very suitable for mid-range combat. The capacity of the magazine is only able to accommodate 20 bullets.

Kingfisher FF Weapon Facts

Since appearing on advance server in May to June 2021, this one weapon is indeed quite awaited. Because the Kingfisher is considered a weapon that is quite balanced and good to use.

And now he is also present on the Garena Free Fire live server. So that we can use it to push rank season 22. So, do you know the strengths and weaknesses of this weapon?

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1. Have a Default Scope

Kingfisher FF Weapon Tips (

One of the uniqueness of Kingfisher is the default scope it has. So when you first pick up this weapon, it is equipped with a 2x scope. In other words, you don’t have to bother looking for additional attachments and you can use them right away.

However, to increase its effectiveness, Kingfisher can still be upgraded using a 4x scope. That way the range will be wider and suitable for long-range combat.

2. High Accuracy and Fire Rate

Kingfisher FF Weapon Tips (

On the other hand, this Kingfisher weapon also has high accuracy and fire rate. So it is very reliable for better aiming as an AR type weapon. You will find it easier to target opponents with low recoil.

3. Cannot Install Magazine

Kingfisher FF Weapon Tips (

After talking about the advantages, then we must also know the disadvantages. One of the biggest drawbacks of the Kingfisher is that it cannot be mounted on a magazine. So that the maximum capacity of bullets that can be accommodated is only 20 pieces.

So even though it has high accuracy and fire rate, the damage it produces is also limited. With only 20 bullets in the magazine, when used for long-range combat it’s not good enough.

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That’s a little discussion about the Kingfisher weapon which has just arrived on Free Fire. This AR type weapon can be entered as one of the weapons that can be relied upon. You need to try it and practice to use the Kingfisher weapon.

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