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Tips for playing Resident Evil 7

Tips for playing Resident Evil 7
Game – Resident Evil 7 is arguably one of the most terrifying Resident Evil (RE) series of all time. In this game the players have to face the Baker family, which is quite difficult to master.

So Mangkok Games will give you some tips that can help you get on with the Baker family faster and of course survive the whole game. Without much discussion, just read the tips below.

5 tips for playing Resident Evil 7:

1. Always close the door

Don’t forget to always close the door

For the first tips, let’s start with little things that consist in always remembering to close all the doors that you have passed through throughout the Resident Evil 7 game. Why?

Because if you are being chased by an enemy, just press the action button to close the door immediately and the enemies who are chasing you will not be able to follow you.

However, this method only works when you are dealing with moss monsters that appear in the game. It’s not that easy to outsmart the Baker family.

2. Survive by repelling enemy attacks

Block enemy attacks

Survival is the best thing you can do in Resident Evil 7. Otherwise you will “die” faster in this game.

Although injured in an attack, the attack can at least be repulsed to a minimum. This method is very effective when some of the medical items you have are almost gone.

3. Make safe rooms your hiding place

Secure rooms the best hiding places

Although it is quite difficult to find and access the Safe Room in Resident Evil 7, it is an important point for you to develop a strategy against the enemy.

Not only is it used to store game data and store valuable items, safe rooms can also be used to fend off common enemies that appear during the course of the game, aka “hiding spots”.

If the enemies you are facing are too many, it is a good idea to run and enter this room right away. In this way, all enemies that appear will return to their original place. Useful tips, isn’t it: v

4. Perform body rotations regularly

Anticipate attacks from behind by turning around

As with the previous Resident Evil series, the in-game quick turn feature can help you out.

With this feature, you can not only see other directions quickly, but also run away from enemies and see something behind you or just look around.

5. Search and check everywhere

Check closets, trash cans, drawers, and other places

For Resident Evil players who are pros, this last method is definitely done. Just like in the previous series, be sure to open any drawers, cabinets, or anything that can be opened to get any items, balls, or clues that can help you get out of Baker’s house.

When dealing with bosses in specific areas, it is a good idea to carefully examine all of the attainable angles for extra bullets or medkits that will surely help you out while you play.

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These are the best tips for playing Resident Evil 7. If you have any more tips, please post in the comments section to help other players who are having difficulty playing Resident Evil 7.

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