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Tips for charging HP twice faster than usual

You have certainly felt trapped in a temporary situation while the battery of your smartphone is running low and needs to be charged as soon as possible. It’s very human because all humans want all of the processes they are doing to be fast. Especially when you’re in a hurry to get out. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. In fact, there is a way to speed up smartphone battery charging that can be used to make smartphone battery charging faster and very effective at charging your phone twice as often. Sometimes the paths are simple too. We just don’t realize that these things can actually help speed up the smartphone battery charging process. How can you then accelerate the charging of the smartphone battery that TUTORIUS 12 teaches? Check out Begawei’s review in this article.

1. Do not charge your mobile phone using the USB port on your computer or laptop

You can charge your mobile phone on a computer or laptop via USB, but this method does not speed up the process, it slows it down. Always use PLN electricity directly from the socket. If it’s an emergency and there’s no power outlet near you, you can use the USB port on your computer or laptop

2. Use a special cable for charging only

Of course, if you want to charge faster you will need to use a charging cable that can divert 100% of the power generated by the charger. When comparing the two cables there is no significant difference, but you only notice it when you try it out and feel the difference in time. In contrast to the data cable, this is not ideal when the current is flowing.

3. Do not use it while it is charging

What takes longer to charge is that the phone is used for chatting, surfing, gaming, and any activity that can be done on your smartphone. If you want it quicker, put it in a hard and cool place like a table or floor, not a soft place that can hold heat like a bed or sofa. In addition, leave your cell phone standing while the battery is charging and do not use it while it is charging.

4. Turn off your HP cellular data

The current capacity of the battery is clearly used for smartphone operation. Name one of them is looking for a signal. This obviously uses a lot of power, especially if the signal you are using for smartphone connectivity is a high tech signal like 3G or 4G. So if you want your smartphone battery to charge faster, it is very easy to speed up the smartphone battery charge this time. Turn off your smartphone’s cellular data while charging. In this way, the smartphone does not search for signals, both for signals from BTS, WiFi in your area, as well as the navigation of your whereabouts with GPS, but still receives incoming calls that are or are important. This of course only saves electricity for the battery.

5. Battery calibration

We sometimes take that for granted. Batteries that are used until they are really empty, i.e. 0%, shorten the battery life. As a result, there are often imperfections in charging the battery. In order not to experience this, battery maintenance is very simple. Recharge immediately, at least when the battery is in the 5% position. Don’t be forced to keep dumping it until it is empty. You should then carefully calibrate at least once a month. It’s easy to speed up the smartphone battery charging this time. Use your smartphone until the battery is 0%, then charge it to full or 100% while it is switched off. This calibration method ensures that the battery will last longer and healthier. A healthy battery charges faster and does not go empty as quickly as a bad one.

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