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Tips And Tricks How To Play Valorant Game To Keep Winning

Pikipo – Tips and tricks on how to play the Valorant game to keep winning

Tips And Tricks How To Play Valorant Game To Keep Winning

Valorant is an FPS game released by Riot Games. This game has very good reviews because of its excellent graphics and gameplay. This game is also widely played by streamers and Pro Players of Fps games.

The gameplay of this game brings together 10 players and is divided into 2 groups namely Attacker and Defender which is almost similar to CS:GO.

With the unique skills possessed by each character, this game becomes more exciting and presents an epic battle.

For those of you who want to try this game, this time I will share some tips and tricks that you can use in this game to make your game better.

1. Pay attention to the steps or steps of other players.

As an FPS game, of course, this game also uses steps as information on the location of the opponent. If we just run without paying attention to our own pace, we will also become easy targets for other players. To reduce the step you can press the Shift key.

Use headphones when playing this game so that the location of your opponent’s steps can be heard more clearly.

2. Learn Spay of each weapon.

Spray pattern is the pattern of the direction of the shot or the direction of the bullet from the weapon we are shooting. Each weapon has a different spray pattern.

So that we can not get good spray instantly unless we are really good at FPS games. We must often practice spraying so that when we use any weapon we remain good.

3. Pay attention to Agent Skill Needs

In this game Skill is one thing that is very helpful in every tactic, whether it’s in attack or defense. Each Agent has different skills such as turning on friends, making explosions, or knowing the whereabouts of enemies. We must be wise in choosing an agent so that the opponent will also be very difficult against our team.

4. Practice shooting and shooting angles regularly

In this game a good aim will be very helpful when we are playing. Keep practicing your aiming and shooting angles while shooting regularly so that your game develops quickly.

So, those were some tips and tricks on how to play the Valorant game to keep winning.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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