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Tips and tricks for playing Valorant

Tips and tricks for playing Valorant

Game – Riot Games has released its newest FPS game Valorant. This one shooting game has been played by players all over the world. For the time being, Valorant is only available on PC and we are still waiting to see if it will also be available on consoles such as Xbox, PS4 or PS5.

For those of you who have just downloaded the Valorant game and are wondering how to keep winning every game in this Valorant game, here is how Game describes how to become a pro in Valorant game

Tips and tricks to keep playing Valorant:

1. Minimize the recording while moving

Tips and tricks for playing Valorant
Do not move too much when shooting

Shooting is most accurate when you are standing still. As you move, the cursor expands. You can find that there is a percentage of errors and crosshair changes shortly after targeting the enemy in the stationary and moving state. The faster you move, the wider the line on the outside of your crosshairs will be. This ensures that your shots will be messy and will not hit the target. Try to shoot in a very tight crosshair. You have to remember If you move and the enemy stands still, you can be sure that you will lose the fight.

2. Always remember to hold down the Shift key

The first thing to get used to while playing Valorant is to press the left Shift key more often. This is aimed at silencing our agent’s steps by switching to walking mode. Of course, it will be difficult for the enemy to predict where you will show up. But when it is urgent, it is better not to press the Shift key as you will have to move faster.

3. 3K is very important

What is 3K? Communication, coordination and cooperation. In addition to the skills of each player, these three things are very important in any game. With perfect chemistry it is of course easier for you to understand team strategies, for example if you want to attract enemies, fake attacks, circle locations and minimize misunderstandings within the team.

4. Learn place names by heart

If you memorize every location in Valorant, communication can run smoothly. Even if you don’t turn voice chat on, at least knowing the name of the place will make text chat faster

5. Listen to the movements of the opposing players

In Valorant, you can predict the arrival of the enemy agent by hearing his footsteps. However, this becomes difficult when the enemy agent decides to flee (by pressing the Shift key). We recommend that you use headphones so that you can hear the sound more clearly and in greater detail in preparation for the enemy’s attack.

6. Try to squat

When shooting, there is such a thing as a recoil. The recoil can cause your crosshair to rise further, especially if you are continuously shooting at enemies. You can crouch after the first shot instead of standing still. This can bring you two benefits. First, the recoil of the weapon tends to raise the crosshair. When you are shooting at an enemy, crouching will make it harder for the enemy to defend the target. Meanwhile, while crouching, you will still get a crosshair on the enemy’s body.

7. Buy the right weapon

Valorant Senjata's weapons list
There are many weapon options in the game Valorant

There is nothing wrong with having a favorite weapon. But remember, every weapon has advantages and disadvantages. At the beginning of the round you have to use a weapon, only after that you can buy SMG, Shotgun, Riffle or Sniper. It is also a good idea to buy weapons based on where the battlefield will be. For example, if you’re fighting up close and personal in a small alley, SMG and Shotgun are your best choices. Another thing, if you need to attack your opponent from a long distance then the riffle or sniper would be the most suitable weapon.

8.Aim at the head area (starting from the nape of the neck)

Enemy agents can be difficult to kill while wearing shields. But you can eliminate the enemy’s Shiled by shooting his head. Make sure the crosshair is always at the top of the neck area, both when peeking and when moving, so you have the advantage of hitting the target faster.

9. Weapons can penetrate walls

Another thing to know in Valorant is that your weapon can penetrate walls. In addition, the weapon you are using is quite a heavy weapon. Knowing that an enemy is hiding behind a wall, you can try shooting at the points where the enemy is standing. This can be a great way to kill them when they feel safe.

10. Don’t be lazy to install Spike

When you have successfully killed all enemy agents, you can try to set spikes as soon as possible. Your team will make extra money if you plant spikes successfully.

11. Estimate the money you will be spending

If you lose in one round, you won’t have a lot of money in the next round. In this case, you will of course have to bring makeshift weapons, such as a gun. B. Buying shields and agent skills. Don’t force you to carry expensive guns without the assistance of good personal protection.

12. Armaments must take precedence

Armor is added to the must-buy list every round to increase defense by 50 points (if you buy armor for 1000). We recommend prioritizing armor over buying weapons. This is so that you will not be easily killed by the enemy. With an additional defense of 50 points, you may not be able to get a hit from an enemy with a sniper weapon such as a Marshal or Operator.

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13. Find out how long it takes Spike to explode

Timing Spike Valorant
Spikes in Valorant can inhibit enemy movement

It is very important for you to know the spike timing in the Valorant game. It takes 4 seconds to mount the spike, 45 seconds to detonate it, and 7 seconds to defuse the spike. The fastest last beep starts when you have 5 seconds left, the second fastest beep starts when you have 10 seconds left. So you have to start taming within 2-3 seconds of the penultimate beep so that the spike doesn’t explode first.

14. There is nothing wrong with running away

If you don’t know how to defuse a bomb, it’s better to retreat and go to a safe place, especially if the opposing team has 4 to 5 agents left. It is better to save equipment and money for the next round than to give points to the enemy and die for free.

15. Don’t check too often

Double peek or repeat is very dangerous in Valorant game. An example is when the enemy turns out to be a real camper holding a sniper and ready to shoot you in the head. So, if you already know that there is a sniper who also knows your position, you will immediately find another way. Don’t try to peek again or your head will fly high in the sky.

16. Ability can penetrate teleporters

Also, you can try this interesting trick in a match in the Valorant game. You can throw an object or an agent skill through the teleporter. If used correctly, you can take out the enemy waiting for you to pass the teleporter.

17. Don’t be poisonous

According to a field survey by the Game team, toxic players only talk big, their skills are zero. On the flip side, a player who has good manners, is humble, and is diligent in saving is usually someone who has skills that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Tips and tricks for playing Valorant

Those were the tips and tricks for playing the game Valorant for beginners to professionals. Hopefully, with some of the basic tips and tricks mentioned above, you can change your style of play to be more presentable. You can play and download Valorant here

If you have any more tips and tricks, feel free to share them with other Valorant players in the comments section below. A bit of Game, See you later!

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