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Tier ML What does it mean? Here's the Complete Tier Order

Mobile legends tier meaningIn the mobile legends game, we are familiar with several game modes such as classic, custom, magic chess and ranked mode. Currently, the mode that is often played is ranked, because it can directly fight other users online.

When in Ranked mode, we know several tiers, such as warriors, elite, master, grand master, epic, legends and mythic. But for beginners, it’s still difficult for them to even understand what Tier Mobile legends are.

Meaning of Tier Mobile Legends

Tier is the level of ranked mode starting from the lowest warriors to the highest, namely mythic. At this level, it is very influential in terms of game skills, the higher the ranked tier, the more difficult the opponents we face.

Mobile Legends Tier Tier Or Order

In the mobile legends game, we will be faced with 5 against five and those who have a good strategy and the selection of the appropriate hero can be sure he will win the match.

Maybe those of you whose tiers have already reached mythic, of course, know very well the flow or tier levels in mobile legends, but for those who are still beginners, they are confused about the tier order.

Mobile Legends Tier Order

1. Warriors

This mode is the beginning of the game or the lowest tier of mobile legends. This is a start after you just created an account.

2. Elite

In this mode, this is the second mode stage, and you are still in the learning stage about the heroes in mobile legends. Of course, still considered a newbie

3. Master

Third, in this mode you may already understand the map in the land of down so you will not carelessly enter the enemy tower which causes you to lose the game.

4. Grandmaster

Fourth, little by little mastery of your hero skills will increase and the number of heroes being played is also not monotonous. Usually in this mode you will often win the game.

5. Epic

Well, this is what is considered tier hell. Because the system used is already a draft so you can’t choose a hero carelessly. It’s called the hell tier because there are so many people who control it

6. Legends

Sixth, you are already considered a pro because you have passed the epic tier. Here you will find good friends so this tier is perfect for playing with friends.

7. Mythic

This tier is the highest of the mobile legends game so it is very difficult to raise star points here. You can ask your good friends to just carry your game.

Well, that’s the tier in mobile legends. Tier is very influential on your ability if your tier is high it indicates your skills have begun to be honed and can also be called pro.

That’s the discussion about the meaning of tier in mobile legends. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. Don’t forget to always share this article with your friends so they know this useful information

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