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This item is a favorite item for many math professors

This item is a favorite item for many math professors

Pikipo – Did you know that a Professor or Scientist must have a favorite item or object that always accompanies his daily life, be it when doing his research or when he is working.

Although not all think that this object is their favorite object, this one object is very liked by most professors, especially mathematics professors.

What goods are referred to?

The item is Chalk.

This item is a favorite item for many math professors

Why Chalk?

If you’ve seen Rudi Tabootie in the Chalk Zone series, of course you’re already familiar with chalk, right?

Chalk is an item that is very easy to get and has a very easy to use and easy to remove.

A mathematics professor spends a lot of time learning and finding new formulas that can make it easier for many people, so that they can be useful in their research and benefit many people.

If you don’t believe that chalk is a favorite item for many math professors, you can take a look at this video.

Chalk was chosen because it is very helpful in calculations done by professors because it is very easy to erase even by hand.

Another advantage that chalk has compared to ballpoint pens or markers is that it is cheap and economical in its use.

In addition, chalk can also be used anywhere, because it is very easy to erase.

Although there are many advantages, of course chalk also has disadvantages, especially in the dust it produces.

Even though the dust is dirty, this lime dust is a memory and silent witness of the struggle of its users, be it teachers, professors and so on.

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That’s all the discussion about Mathematics Professor’s Favorite Items this time.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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