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This is the identity of the long lost bird titan or flying titan

This is the identity of the long lost bird titan or flying titan

Pikipo – In Anime Attack on Titan, there are nine titans who are the main titans and where all of these titans have their respective advantages and strengths.

So, from the nine Titans, did you know that there are Titans that can actually fly?

The Flying Titan or Bird Titan is the newest Titan to appear in the Attack on Titan manga.

The appearance of the Flying Titan has a very big influence on the storyline of AOT season 4 because it is the only one who provides opportunity and hope for the world’s rescue forces to stop the rumbling led by Eren.

The story about the emergence of the Flying Titan begins when the AOT manga reaches chapter 129.

The mystery itself begins with the transformation of a titan from Falco Grice, one of Marley’s Warrior Squad troops.

Initially Falco was appointed as a candidate to be the successor to the Armored Titan. However, his plans changed when Falco then ate Porco Galliard and became the successor of the Jaw Titan. Well here is something quite interesting from the Jaw Titan Falco.

At first Falco saw a memory and thought that it was the memory of the previous owner of the Beast Titan, but Falco himself believed that he could also do the same thing, namely fly.

The Flying Titan or Titan bird has never been shown and described before, and this type of Titan is considered one of the Ancient Titans or ancient Titan types.

This was later proven in chapter 135 yesterday, where Annie and Falco who turned into the “Winged Jaw Titan” or Flying Titan managed to save some of the Survey Corps troops.

It is still unknown why the Jaw Titan can have wings like a bird and change back to its normal titan form.

If you look at what happened to Eren, where he was able to transform into a more terrible form, then there is a possibility that the Jaw Titan also transformed.

Now here Falco is also one of the golden children because thanks to his actions, Levi and his friends are still saved.

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