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This is how it turns out, the history of the world's first laptop includes IBM too

JSMedia – Technology is something that cannot be separated from life, one of which is the existence of laptop history first in the world. The world finally recognizes the first computer that can be personal property and can be taken anywhere and anytime.

Laptop or portable computer is a technology that has a mini size and is easy to carry. This thing has long been a substitute for computers in meeting the needs of workstations, such as typing, searching, gaming, and editing has a history like this:

Laptop Development History

Laptop Development History

In the 70s there were various plans from various computer experts to create a device that could be carried anywhere. This has become a serious discussion among various researchers and producers.

PC designers also heard about this, so Alan Key, a writer, made a discourse on microcomputers with their functions. Alan Key is also an author of computer books, and often creates basic concepts for computers for easy portability.

Alan also discovered the concept of a computer that does not need to use electricity, so this concept is referred to as personnel or portable information manipulator. The history of laptops ultimately started with the idea of ​​Alan Key.

Laptops in the 70s were also known as an idea that became the result of technological creativity, so it was widely used by various people and groups. After that, the laptop became more developed according to its function and purpose.

Laptop History from Year to Year

Laptop History from Year to Year

1. The emergence of IBM in 1975

In accordance with the course of laptop history, then marked by the presence of the IBM Portable PC 5100 in 1975. This technology is the result of the development of the first microcomputer, and was made specifically to meet the needs of mathematicians and engineers.

The emergence of the IBM Portable PC 5100 has become a hot topic of discussion. The reason is, a lot of products were developing and popping up at that time such as Rockwell AIM 5 with more complete features, and the IBM Portable PC 5100, to the Heathkit H9.

2. Laptops in 1981

In that year, an agency named Osborne Computer Corporation succeeded in developing a technology that was marked by the Osborne 1 device. This device at the time of its release had many shortcomings.

However, this still marks the presence of the Osborne 1 device as the first portable computer, weighing up to twenty-four kilograms, and has a special design so that it can fit into the passenger seat of the plane.

Osborne 1 is also a microcomputer that opens the history of laptop development. However, the size of this laptop is only 5 inches and is equipped with a keyboard that attaches directly to the monitor.

This laptop started the first mass production to reach USD 1,796 or 16 million rupiah. The price of this laptop is known to be quite expensive, so laptop history stated that only a few people could afford to buy the first generation laptop.

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3. Laptops in 1983

In the same session, IBM also had the same opportunity to sell PC components but separately. This is what makes the first generation laptop (Osborne 1) a consumer attraction because it is easier to use.

It was also this year when the popularity of the Osborne 1 was at its peak, the company was telling lies. These lies include two new computer designs that are ready to be marketed, but are not in fact marketed.

This is what makes the company’s image damaged, even though at the beginning the lie produced a lot of consumers. However, consumers were disappointed and disappeared, causing sales of the Osborne 1 to face a decline.

4. Laptops in 1996

In 1996, a new laptop called Toughbooks appeared. This laptop was successfully released by Panasonic, and managed to have a look that is similar to today’s laptops. Toughbooks also have strong physical abilities despite falling at a height of 70 cm.

In the end, in the 2000s, laptops appeared with a small and slim size, so that the design development is still developing today with various innovations from software, as well as hardware.

Laptop history is an amazing thing, starting with the idea of ​​Alan key which later developed into various devices in various forms, from the design to the needs. Now we can enjoy the sophistication of laptops and make good use of them.

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