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This is the Complete Understanding of the World Wide Web and its Functions from www

JSMedia – World Wide Web is an abbreviation of www which is usually found when you want to visit an internet site. The WWW also generally contains many web pages such as content, online videos, and so on that can be easily accessed via a browser.

While HTTP serves to transfer a web page to a computer which is a phrase containing a link on a website. It is different with the internet which is described as a basic connection network to be used to send email and even access the WWW.

Understanding the World Wide Web

Understanding the World Wide Web

World Wide Web or WWW is the leading information retrieval service on the internet worldwide. Has a function to give users access to documents that are interconnected via hypertext with related information that is easily accessible.

If viewed as a whole, the WWW is a collection of internet resources and remote sites that can be accessed by users via browsers with HTTP and IP/TCP standards. Then this phrase is called the web which was coined in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee a British physicist.

Then CERN which is the initials of the name Conseil Europeen de Research Nucleaires is an easy trick to access various information from the internet. If interpreted more broadly, this WWW is a world of information that can be accessed by networks as a form of human knowledge.

WWW can be accessed anywhere with various website content via the internet using various types of devices such as mobile phones, computers, and so on. This means that the WWW allows you to capture media as well as text views using your device.

4 Functions of the World Wide Web

4 Functions of the World Wide Web

Does the WWW have a special function? Of course, this phrase has a main function as will be explained below:

1. Web Mail Service

Web mail service can help users in terms of sending, receiving, or monitoring email via a browser. In addition, it also offers easy access services and even email message storage for all users connected to the internet in its location.

Not only that, the web mail service also has various supporting features that are useful for managing email as desktop email software such as Mozilla or Outlook. While there are many web services such as Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail.

If you want to login to this web mail service, simply by typing the URL of the website in the browser’s search field. Then use a webmail account by entering the username and password.

2. Search Engines

In general, the WWW serves to make it easier for search engines to summarize the entire web in this world. This is due to the large number of websites that contain their respective content and search engines are required to access them.

Users will be assisted in searching for information on the WWW and retrieving information as desired in a short time. For that, it is necessary to input certain phrases or keywords for suitable items.

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3. Web Hosting

Is a service for organizations or individuals with the function of sending web pages or websites to the internet. The site will be saved on a computer which is then referred to as a server which if any user wants to access it only needs to type in the web address or domain.

The user will automatically connect to the server and the web page will be sent via the user’s browser. But you need to remember that many hosting companies require you to buy a domain in order to be hosted.

4. Portal

Portal is a private location on the internet and is useful as an access point to information on the WWW or Internet World Wide Web. An example of a well-known portal is Gmail.com. Facebook.com, Twitter.com, and others.

By the end of this paragraph, we hope that you have understood in detail what is meant by World Wide Web or WWW. It also includes what is used and how this phrase or word works.

If we use an example, that the WWW is a large electronic manual and its pages are stored on various servers around the world. Then the web page has an address termed a URL or Uniform Resource Locator.

This collection of pages is called a website. Examples such as www.google.com, or also www.facebook.com and many others.

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