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The Trusted Daily Rupiah Money-Making Application? Here's the Facts

JSMedia – From time to time, more and more applications appear that claim to be able to make money instantly. One of them that is on the rise lately is Daily Rupiah app. Well, let’s get to know more about this application.

How Does the Daily Rupiah Application Work?

How the Daily Rupiah Application Works

As we all know, every application that claims to be a rupiah-generating application must have a working system. On Daily Rupiah application, you are also required to do the various tasks that have been determined. Each task has a variety of different provisions at each level level.

In this application, when you will later advance to the next level, you will be asked to deposit a certain amount of money as a requirement. For that, stay alert and be careful when you still want to mine rupiah through this application.

How to Register as a Member of the Daily Rupiah Apk App

How to Register as a Member of the Daily Rupiah Apk App

To become a member in this application, the method is very easy. The following tutorial will be described in full.

  1. Make sure your gadget still has enough memory space.
  2. Enter the search engine, then input link https://www.dailyrupiah.app/landing/ to download Daily Rupiah app.
  3. Complete the process download, then register using the number WL.
  4. Wait for the notification of the OTP message that will come in.
  5. After that complete the verification process, and the application is ready to use.

How to Withdraw Daily Rupiah Balance Apk

Daily Rupiah Balance Withdrawal Apk

When you complete registration as a member at the beginning, you will get a free balance of Rp. 30.000,-. This balance can be used to complete the initial mission at the base level.

Then after that, you have to do top up to continue the game in order to get a balance that can later be withdrawn. Now this balance withdrawal process can only be done when the balance you have has amounted to Rp. 200,000,-. For more details, pay attention to the tutorial for withdrawing balances to an account, below.

  1. Login to the account whose balance will be withdrawn
  2. Then go to the Account menu option
  3. Click the settings option and select the “Withdrawal Account” menu
  4. After that, input the available personal data. Starting from the full name, bank name, bank account number, mobile number and email address that is still active.
  5. After the registration process is successful. Then select the “Withdraw” button and fill in the nominal amount to be withdrawn. Then wait for the withdrawal process to complete.

In the Daily Rupiah money-making application, withdrawals cannot be made 24 hours a day. There are conditions that must be followed when member want to do the process withdrawals. Withdrawals can only be made at 10.00 – 17.00 WIB on Monday – Friday only. This is a policy imposed by the central management.

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Is Daily Rupiah Apk a Scam?

Is Daily Rupiah Apk a Scam?

If your current question is about the security of the Daily Rupiah apk, then the answer is not safe. This is because Daily Rupiah is an illegal application. This is because the Daily application is not officially registered with the financial services authority.

In addition, the Daily Rupiah apk has not yet entered the Playstore. If you are a careful person, then it should be seen that this application has not been registered to the Playstore, it can be concluded that this application is still not trustworthy.

For that, our advice, it’s good if you want to keep mining rupiah from this application, then the solution is to just invite friends to join. Not by playing his duties. Because, if you play a task, then you are required to make a balance deposit. Possibly this application is a scam like 1-iPhone.com Money maker. The proof is currently the official website of the Dalilu Rupiah Apk can no longer be accessed.

Now, this is the point of the problem, it is feared that unwanted things will happen after you finish depositing a large enough balance. Remember Daily Rupiah app still an illegal application. Hope this review helps.

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