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The Strongest META Season 18 Mobile Legends, Must Use Jungler

Pikipo – The Strongest META Season 18 Mobile Legend

The Strongest META Season 18 Mobile Legends, Must Use Jungler

Mobile legends Bang – Bang made a very big change at the end of season 17. Lots of changes ranging from graphics, logos, to the game mechanics have also changed a lot.

One of the big changes in this game is the elimination of the system to buy jugle items without us using Retriribution. With this change, it is certain that the META in this game will also change.

That’s right, in META today there is such a thing as a Jungler.

Jungler actually already exists in other MOBA games such as AOV or LOL. Now in this update, the Mobile Legends game also turns on the Jungler role so that the META in this game will change, especially for the Hyper Carry META which we usually use will be very ineffective in this game and difficult to win in the early game.

With this change, I will share the latest META which is the most effective in this game, especially to start Season 18 triumphantly.

The Strongest META Season 18 Mobile Legend

The meta that we will use in Season 18 is 2 – 1-1-1.

More precisely, there are 2 heroes in Lane Gold, 1 Hero Mid, 1 Hero Jungler, and 1 Hero Lane EXP.

The formation is as follows:

  • 2 Heroes in Gold Lane are filled by Tanks and Marksman.
  • 1 Hero in the Middle or Mid filled by Mage.
  • 1 Hero Jungler is filled by Assassins who use the Retribution spell.
  • 1 Hero EXP lane is filled by the Offlaner hero.

There is a reason for the position and duties of each hero in this META.

Gold lane by MM Heroes and Tanks is intended to make Marksman faster and safer from attacks and ganking opponents. Gold lane is the lane that gives the most Gold than Mid lane and EXP lane, so only farming Creeps or minions will give marksman a lot of gold in the first 3 minutes after the game starts, so for MM don’t leave minions for 3 early minutes.

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In this Meta also requires the existence of a Jungler. The most effective jungler heroes are Assassins, or Roger still can. For jungler heroes, try to farm by killing Forest Monsters for the first 3 minutes, this is because our Gold income will decrease very much when we use Retribution spells and Jungle items, so just focus on Fram from Jungle and help the gang in every lane.

Midlaners are filled with Mage or Support because it will be easier for them to get Gold just by killing minions, with this Mage will become very sick even in the early game.

Finally, Lane EXP is filled by Offlaner heroes, preferably Fighters such as Zilong or other fighters who are Over Power in this update. In EXP Lane heroes will get additional EXP during the initial 3 minutes so that we will be faster to level up. The gold that is obtained in the EXP lane is only less than the Gold lane.

Now, with the explanation above, hopefully we will understand better about a good META for Season 18. Don’t let it be in the wrong lane and in the end our gold income is also less effective so it will be difficult for us to win the game.

Examples of formations that we can use are:

Tanks: Khufra, Tigreal, Atlas,

Marksman : Miya, Layla, Karrie, Moskov

Junglers: Ling, Lancelot, Roger, Helcurt, Saber

Offlaner : Zilong, Chou, Thamus, Yu Zhong, Khalid, Balmond

Midlaners: Harith, Cyclops, Valir, Zhask, Esmeralda

So that was the Strongest META Season 18 Mobile Legends.

Hopefully by using this META we can achieve victory easily.

So, I hope this article is useful.

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