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The Newest Meta Diggie Feeder, The Easy Way To Beat Hyper Carry

The Newest Meta Diggie Feeder, The Easy Way To Beat Hyper Carry

Pikipo – Newest Meta Diggie Feeder, Easy Way To Beat Hyper Carry

Meta Diggie feeder is being talked about a lot this time.

This is because this meta is arguably a genius because it can counter the hyper carry meta which can be said to be very difficult to fight.

This Meta Digge feeder was first introduced or used by the AURA PH team when they fought EXECRATION in the MPL Philippines event.

In this match, Diggie was played by AURA Raffesia.

Diggie’s job here is to interfere with the opponent’s Hyper Carry hero and continue to give him kills. By using his passive skill, Diggie continues to follow wherever the opponent’s hero is and as much as possible to prevent the opponent from recalling so that the opponent will be very disturbed and his attention to farming will be distracted because Diggie continues to disturb him.

Even though Diggie feeds or feeds the opponent’s Hyper Carry hero a lot, this doesn’t have much impact because in the patch adjustment, then there is an adjustment where the hero is Feeding the Gold that the enemy gets when it will also decrease and eventually it doesn’t increase.

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Actually, this system is used to make the game more balanced and for the opposing team, especially heroes who are often targeted and die and can continue to grow until the late game.

I don’t know what the players of AURA PH have in mind, they are able to do things that are quite crazy, where in a big tournament they do something ridiculous.

But who would have thought that what many considered crazy was a genius tactic that was able to make his team beat the opponent and make a scene for mobile legend game lovers.

Because of this unique strategy, now many Youtubers are trying it and soon many players who use this meta will be ranked.

We’re just waiting for unique things, especially what will happen in the Mobile Legend Bang – Bang game.

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