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The Name of the Sausage Game That Is Going Viral

The Name of the Sausage Game That Is Going Viral

Pikipo – Playing games is really fun especially being able to play in multiplayer with friends or family at home. Currently there is a game that is more viral, namely the sausage game. what kind of game is this sausage game? So how do you play it? For more detailed information, you can see the tutorial below.

The sausage game is a game that is being sought by many netizens, especially teenagers and small children. he said this game is very similar to the Pubg game which is now also more popular. The difference in this game is that the characters or characters used in the game will later be replaced with characters such as sausages using their red clothes. if you look at it at first glance it’s a bit funny hehe.

The Name of the Sausage Game That Is Going Viral

It does sound a bit unique in its name, but if you try to play it, this game is very funny. Actually, the game in question is Sausage Man which is booming because it has similarities to survival games like Free Fire and Pubg.

In 2021, the name of the viral sausage game is getting more and more interested and downloaded by netizens who are curious about this game. With graphics that are not inferior to other survival games, Sauge Man is the first choice as a superior game. To relieve boredom, game developers also add interesting things such as characters and the conditions of the game are also funny.

What is Sausage Man Game?

The game called Sausage Man can now be categorized as a new game. And when the initial release of this game immediately got the spotlight of many people because its presence immediately made it viral on several social media such as tiktok.

In the game Sausage Man, later you will use and move the sausage character. You can also run, jump and even use your gun to shoot other vehicles.

Features of Sausage Game – Sausage Man

Even though it is a newcomer game, this game has a pretty good and bright graphic design, this is certainly very influential on our game, we don’t want to play with a screen that is usually broken.

For the game pattern you have to complete several missions to get some points. not only that, you can also play this game without using any money, players can also take it directly without a subscription fee.

Some of the points you collected earlier can be used to make your character cooler and more macho. The points I mentioned earlier meant koi, cyberpunk french, maid and many more.

But the thing to remember is that not all points can be fully used to take points for free. if you have already purchased points, new players can use these points and can enjoy the thrill of taking and installing on smartphones.

You can also enjoy two large maps that you can choose as you wish. One of these islands is the battle island which has a size of 8×8 meters with a sandy city mode with a large land area. Then the other map is the rainbow island with a smaller size of 4×4 cm.

The final word

Are you interested in playing this viral sausage game?

That’s the discussion about the Sausage game which is viral on tiktok. If you are still interested in the sausage game, you can ask questions and write them in the comments column, guys.

Thanks for reading and enjoy

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